Friday, February 1, 2008

"A Good Wing Man"- the Fly Spy

Once and awhile I like to get my
"Savion Glover"
on, and rock a nice pair of shoes ("corn huggers" in my case lol), with my favorite denims, and throw on a
"Keith Sweat-ish" blazer to complete my grown man look.
Recently, when I decided to put on the "click clacks" my recommended choice of footwear are the never-go-wrong Wingtips. Made famous by the Stacy Adams brand, these classics are just that...Classic! I always feel that every man should have two good pairs of shoes in his wardrobe (a black pair and one brown), and one GREAT pair of these. After you purchase a pair, be sure to stop by the local cobbler to accessorize 'em with some taps (the rubber one man, unless you REALLY tap dance) to extend the heel life. When someone asks "Got any good tips lately?" You can now point to your shoes.

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