Monday, October 31, 2011

"Black Excellence, Truly Yours" -Producer S1 Creates "Throne Motivation" Music

EVERY time I think of our (the Block Boys + the Journ3y Men) "Prim & Proper" dinner parties, this particular song comes to mind. If you've "studied" the album like many of us have, you'll remember it's the second half of the two part song "Murder to Excellence" (produced by S1) off the Watch the Throne album . Well anyways, here a lil' informative video clip of said producer explaining the motivation behind the track's sound and how it landed on the track listing for Jay & Ye's collaborative album.

Friday, October 28, 2011

"Two Times To Blow Yo Mind!"-Don't Be Afraid Of Having A Good Ol' Time!


"Prim & Proper" Trailer

Kinda SUCKS that Halloween falls on a freakin' Monday this year right?! Folks gotta rush home from work to get dressed in costume AND + you can't get as drunk as you freakin' wanna cause of work tomorrow man too! Sheesh Louis! But you know what? Life hands you lemons then we're gonna make lemon meringue pie out this b***h! the Block Association and the Brooklyn Circus returns for a third MONSTERS BALL (3 -the Revenge) at an ALL-NEW location for "the most fashionable Halloween party in Brooklyn" hands down! If you've been to the previous ones YOU ALREADY KNOW! BANANA bread w/ the NUTS! So after the show we have the after party, Monday night (Halloween night) is our 3rd installment of "Prim & Proper" aka #FlashMobDinnerParty for the more sophisticated social set looking for a more mature holiday party. We're going ALL BLACK w/ a mask for this one! Our very first masquerade dinner party ever! HOWEVER the RSVP list for this one is MARILYN MONROE! Beautiful but DEAD! Folks starts RSVPing the morning after the LAST one was done! So in the best interest to remain sexy, we HAD to closed the list dumb early. SORRY folks if you're just getting word of this. We're currently looking for a bigger spot to commodate EVERY beautiful person interested in getting dressed up and attending. But for now, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT THE LIST! If you're not on it already, with a confirmation e-mail back, it's wrap city for you! No BET! LOL See you cats NEXT Month (Mon. Nov. 28th) dressed to impress... & eat!

Sat. Oct. 29th
the Block Association +the Brooklyn Circus presents
@Touche' -46 Washington Ave. betwn Park & Flushing
Music by the Ahficionados & DJ Trauma aka the Block Boys
Admission is $10 w/ RSVP ONLY till 12am
Send names + # of guests to
Subject "HEY BOO!"
Costume or Mask is mandatory

Halloween Bottle Packages!
Scary Package $450 2 Goose 1 Moet
Fright Package $650 2 Goose 1 Patron 1 Moet
Gone Mad Package $1000 2 Henny 2 Rosey 2 Ciroc

Monday, Oct 31st
the Block Boys + Journ3y Men invite all our fashionable friends to our
"PRIM & PROPER" aka #FlashMobDinnerParty
A fashionable dining/social experience
All black /black tie cocktail attire w/ a mask is required.
Gents a button down, blazer, or tie is highly suggested!

"Drake Cake" -Take Care Track Listing...But Not Really

Drake's SUCH a deep thinker right? Even on his new album cover it looks like he's contemplating some deep s**t! Anyways as the world awaits his delayed album ya boy got a hold on the track listing via Ghostface Killah(!) It's NOT the actually songs that's gonna be on the CD but a parody of what WOULD be, in the mind of Tony Stark that is! Funny stuff ya'll! Some of these sound like actually song titles that he WOULD make! LOL

1. "Frolicking" (Intro)
2. "Jimmy"s Back" feat. Meek Millz & Rick Ross
3. "I Wanna Save You....(From You)" feat.Trey Songz
4. "My Eyebrows Say Yes, My Heart Says No" feat. Swizz Beatz & Bruno Mars
5. "Bar Mitzvah Money" feat. Asher Roth
6. "Peacock Feathers" feat. Kanye West, T.I. & Lady Gaga
7. "If I Were A Man" feat. Nicki Minaj & Solange
8. Aub's Interlude
9. "Mr Fancy Pants" feat. T-Pain
10. "Heart Throbbing" feat. Lil Wayne
11. "Fuckin U Til I Cry" feat. Justin Bieber
12. "Signed, Sealed....Heartbroken" feat. Trey Songz
13. "Gallop To Me" feat. Chris Brown & Rihanna
14. "Let Me Fluff" feat. The Eurythmics & DJ Khaled
15. Young Angel's Outro

Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Can I Liv?" -Video From the Infamous Jay-Z Throne Celebration In Liv Nightclub Miami

Now I'm pretty sure you've had to hear about this infamous night at some point in time recently. The video posted below is the well documented night in Club Liv (located inside the Fountainbleu Hotel) in Miami, that Jay-Z intentionally set out to smash the record (whatever THAT was) for the most bottles (of Ace of Spades) popped in one singular night! However what was astonishing to me was not that, but the admission price to get IN! Admission for ladies (for ladies folks!) started at $300 a head! And dudes were $500 a pop! And that didn't include valet parking or coat check (LOL)! If you EVER hear me spending THAT much to get in a club best believe that I either had the lottery for a couple mill, I sold this very blog to the highest bidder, OR that bank account I started in 3rd grade FINALLY tracked me down and I collected MAD interest on it! Or simply...I lost my GOD DAMN MIND! From me to even consider it someone better tell me he's perform RIGHT at your table while pouring drinks! Or that comes with an IOU to get a free lap dance in ANY public setting of my choice from Rihanna! Shiiit! Real talk! Oops, sorry NEW slang alert, "Free speech!" Anyways I really posted this cause I dug the camera work on this one. AND to make you understand how BADLY in need a Canon 7D/Mark V in my life right now. It'll step my game up big time so I can correctlt capture "movie" nights like this one. Sigh! Can I Liv?

"It's A Party, It's A Party, It's A Party!"- Bey FINALLY Releases "Party" Video

Now how do I say this without hurting anyone's feelings? I'll just say it. Ummm hi Beyonce', I think I liked the song better BEFORE I saw this video. No offense but, I don't "party" with folks that look like THAT! So it's HARD for me to believe that YOU DO! Yeah I get all the Solange, Theophilus London, J. Cole, a bigger chested Kelly Rowland & albino "it" model cameos, but you set the bar WAY to high for this to be acceptable Mrs. Knowles-Carter. And while I'm "free speechin' " call that dude/chick that styled EVERYONE on this one...and FIRED him/her immediately! Cancel their check too! What...Patrica Field had a clearance sale or some s**t? Lady Gaga did a sample sale? No hate over here, I'm a big Beyonce' fan (no homo) of her vocal style and performance skills but..."Eh?" on this one my dude. I overheard that Andre 3000 & Ye showed up to the set saw the extras and wardrobe rack and was like "Nah, I'm good!" and "Bey ounced" up outta there! LMAO! Good looks covering for them J.Cole. Hahaha Still love the song though.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Shoot At You Actors Like..." -Flash Mob Films Final Stills From"Prim" Shoot Set

WOWZERS! The feedback for our "straight to Internet" movie has been phenomenal! Now the challenge is to our do ourselves on the NEXT go round! But before we even get to the point let's just bask in the glory of the one that's circulating around now a lil' longer shall we? Here's a round up of the last few photos I had "laying around" that needed close attention before they get archived away. Peep the technique. Spike Lee called me to say "You guys take it from here! Ya'll are DOING IT for Brooklyn!" ...Then I woke up. LOL. Seriously though, I'm excited to see what next creatively we can do to take thangs up a notch. Anyone got a Canon 7D or Mark V II you can loan/give a brother? Think of it as charity for the arts. LMAO!

"(Dandy) Lion King WAY Off Broadway!"- Style Goes A LONG Way

Dandy Lion
Articulating a Re(de)fined Black Masculine Identity

October 20th, 2011–December 22nd, 2011
Opening Reception: October 27, 2011

Aljira is pleased to present Dandy Lion: Articulating a Re(de)fined Black Masculine Identity, a photography exhibition of works guest-curated by Shantrelle P. Lewis and created by 21 artists exploring the phenomenon of Black Dandyism throughout the African Diaspora. Artists include Hanif Abdur-Rahim, Kwesi Abbensetts, Laylah Amatullah Barrayn, Kia Chenelle, Bouba Dola, Russell K. Frederick, Delphine Fawundu-Buford, Cassi Amanda Gibson, Akintola Hanif, Jamala Johns, Dexter Jones, Phillis Kwentoh, Antony Kaminju, Caroline Kaminju, Lafotographeuse, Ray Llanos, Jati Lindsay, Devin Mays, Terence Nance, Brandi Pettijohn, and Nyugen Smith.

A refreshing exhibition, Dandy Lion: Articulating a Re(de)fined Black Masculine Identity takes a glance at urban Black Dandies who like their continental African counterparts, Le Sapeur of Brazzaville, Congo, embody style, sophistication and a commitment to culture via dramatized masculinity. This exhibition is an examination and approbation of the contemporary dandy in Diasporan settings. Dandy Lion is an homage to the fashionable urban gentleman – an African Diasporan man of style, an urban connoisseur of sophistication and a contemporary man of extraordinary swagger.

Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art
591 Broad Street, Newark, NJ 07102
p. 973 622-1600 f. 973 622-6526

Gallery Hours
Wednesday–Friday, 12–6 pm
Saturday, 11 am–4 pm

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"We Will, We Will (Restoration) Rock You!" -Brooklyn Music Fest Gets An Upgrade

A few Saturdays ago, I walked around the corner to check out the newly upgraded Restoration Rocks block party in good ol' BK, that was being held on Fulton & Marcy. And I gotta say I was highly impressed with not only the turn out, but the vendors and live act situation that had this year! I resembled NOTHING like the past ones I strolled through in a minutes time. LOL. I looked as if someone had actually putting some hard earned sponsorship money and thought behind. Mos Def (or WHATEVER name he goes by now) w/the Brooklyn Philharmonic, Pharaoh Monch, & Joelle Ortiz are just some of the featured acts that took the stage that day. #Kudos to the crew it can only get BETTER from here.

"Holmes For The Holidays" -NEW Sherlock Game Trailer

Did you dig the first one? Well of course being that Warner Bros banked off of it (big time), part two wasn't far behind in the making! And this sequel not only picks up right were the last one left us, but it will be released on the SAME day as the first one did (Christmas day). I'm a huge Guy Ritche fan so you KNOW I'm standing on line for this one already!

Monday, October 24, 2011

"Die The Prim & Proper Way!" -Video Invite To Our Very 1st Masquerade Dinner Party

Yeah the list is CLOSED (sorry NO more RSVPs) for our third installment of "Prim & Proper" (aka #FlashMobDinnerParty) however I see NO reason not to release the invite trailer for the event as a stand alone body of work! Now being that this was to be for our 1st ever masquerade party, I wanted it to be something SPECIAL! Something that would set the bar higher for promoters looking to bring out the high quality clientele that would appreciate a dressed up dinner event. So I conceived a kidnap plot trailer, that would require my "actors" (the Block Boys & Journ3y Men) to wear a masks. Then enlisted Ms. Tina Wong (fashion guru) as our stylish lead antagonist, Chinese mob boss "Lady Chin" and we improv'ed the rest on the spot. So at long last, here's the highly buzzed about trailer you've been seeing the behind the scenes stills for! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did shooting it.

Friday, October 21, 2011

"And So I Creep!" -Monsters Ball 3 Will Be The Best One Yet!

The "urban legend" Monsters Ball is BACK!!! Two years ago this holiday event took Brooklyn by storm! And each year it gets BIGGER & more creative! This year however we HAD to relocate based on the reconstruction going on at our former location. But change is GOOD right? Next Saturday will bring about NEW energy and NEW faces that will finally understand what a Block Association + Brooklyn Circus Halloween party is like.

Sat. Oct. 29th
the Block Association +the Brooklyn Circus presents
@Touche' -46 Washington Ave. betwn Park & Flushing
Music by the Ahficionados & DJ Trauma
Admission is $10 w/ RSVP ONLY till 12am
For ALL RSVPS after Today 10/21
Send names + # of guests to
Subject "HEY BOO!"
Costume or Mask is mandatory

Special Holiday Bottle Packages:

Scary Package $450 2 Goose 1 Moet

Fright Package $650 2 Goose 1 Patron 1 Moet

Gone Mad Package $1000 2 Henny 2 Rosey 2 Ciroc

"Girl Come Wine, Wine, Wine!" -Pop-Up Wine Shop & Art Gallery Reminder

Wine connoisseurs unite! Art lovers rejoice! Tomorrow will be a celebration of both things combined! Two weeks in the making, This event is looking to single handedly bring back sophistication to Brooklyn night life events. All that is asked of you is to RSVP and bring your good taste with you.

Saturday, OCT. 22nd
Breukelen Cellars presents

"Breukelen Afterdark"
Pop-Up Wine Shop & Art Gallery
@Synergy -1103 Fulton St. betwn Claver & Classon Ave.
Hosted by the Minority Report
Music by FreelikeFrei (the Ahficionados)
RSVP full names & # of guests to

Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Blind Ambition!" -More "Leaked" Photos From The Prim & Proper Movie Trailer

Striving to be ahead of the curve, the Block Boys + Journ3y Men needed to get give you some visuals to help you prepare for our very FIRST all black cocktail attire masquerade dinner party. Now the dinner party in itself (#FlashMobDinnerParty) is something NOT to be missed. However when you add the holiday element of Halloween night to it, then you KNOW that it has to be taken up a notch or so. So two weeks ago I sketched out a brief idea in my head, and went out to purchase the props I needed to help my vision along. And the days before filming this I could NOT sleep, obsessed with finally getting to "film my ideas." The concept was to be a kidnap heist, meets fashion shoot, meets Tarantino film, all wrapped up in one. I shot a few test screens to capture the look of the film and became even more hyped after viewing the end result. Anyways, this flick was set out to be a challenge, not just to us, but to ALL event planners/promoters to be MORE creative. YEAH, at the end of the day it's all just a party but why not plan it to be a GREAT one! There are no rehearsals to life! Pretty soon this will be the normal as an invite to attend an event of ours. NO MORE FLIERS! BE the future instead of just looking forward to it. #Freispeech > real talk!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"