Monday, August 31, 2009

"Can I Have A WORD With You?" -Tues. is the NEW Friday

Yep, we're STILL going strong folks right into our 6th week at Aspen already! Tomorrow you have at least FIVE B'days being celebrated all in the SAME night! So bottom line is, you NEED to be in attendance, besides we love the company. September is going to be our HOTTEST month yet, and I ain't talking 'bout the weather! LOL!

Tues. Sept 1st
"WORD To Everything I Love!"
Aspen (30 W. 22nd St. betwn 5th & 6th)
Music by DJ DB & guest DJ Parler
Happy hour 6-8pm
Kitchen open till 11pm

Virgo B'days celebrated:
Jeorgina Williams
Remi Amole
Shanae Brown
Jeanise Chaplin

Eniololade' Dawodu

Friday, August 28, 2009

"Don't Rain On My Parade...Umm Bike Ride/Picnic!" -Latest Update For Tomorrows HUGE bike Ride Plans

Due to predicted weather conditions on Saturday 8/29/09 we will notify all riders by 10am if bike ride will be canceled and moved to rain date or a later if possible date (Sept 5th)
Any questions or concern call or email Keith 516-642-4204

"All Work & New Play(station)!"-Games People Play

YES! I'm damn sure glad I waited! If you're wondering why I'm so hyped it cause Sony has recently announced that not only will the latest version of the Playstation 3 be losing a $100 on the price, it will be losing weight too! Just like Apple, Sony is infamous for putting on a much better model (will feature an upgradeable 120GB hard drive and is 33% smaller, 36% lighter, and consumes 34% less power than previous ones) of something that make that's widely popular later down the line. And speaking on lines how idiotic one must feel having waited for hours in line for the first release to now hear this news. As Florida Evans (from "Good Times") would say, "Damn, Damn, DAMN!"

"Up in Smoke" -...And Other Random News & Stuff That Just Crossed My Mind 5 Mins Ago

I'm I just buggin' or do you too think it's INSANE that a pack of smokes cost damn near TEN dollars?!? Not that I condone the act of smoking in ANY way shape or form. I have a personal hatred for smoking to be honest with you, but still...TEN DOLLARS dawg? At that price you might as well graduate to the HARD stuff! Crack is still cheap right? Or hope weed gets legalized. LOL!

Anyway, moving on...
Did you guys hear word about the one man robbing spree of local Brooklyn Verizon stores? Yeah man, some dude was going around straight sticking up phone joints around town! Come to find when he finally got arrested, the reason why was to pay his Sprint bill off! He said and I quote "The phone company has been robbing me for years! It was time to pay them back! Plus I needed the net on my phone man, I was missing e-mails." end quote. Man, talk about robbing Peter to pay Paul. In this case Verizon to pay Sprint! Lol! I can just imagine him storming into the store going "Okay folks, this is a robbery! Put yo hands up! I SAID PUT YO' HANDS UP!" Then pulls out the gun and asks "Can you hear me NOW motherf@#kers!!!"

Lastly on a final note, I KNOW you're counting down the days till the first episode of LL's latest TV venture NCIS (CBS) based in L.A.! No? My hope is being that he's now on the team out in L.A., that he'll help (being one of Hip Hop's own) to reopen the cold case of who murdered Biggie Smalls & 2Pac! Just a wish for a future episode perhaps? Cross your fingers on that.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"The Whole 9 Yards"-All In Favor Say AH!

Sept is "the Month of Ah" for sure cause Brooklyn's hardest working sound set will be celebrating TWO BIG occasions! The first being the release of "the Ahxperience Mixtape" on Sept. 5th, which will be held at Crash Mansion. With performances by Jasmine Solano, Melo-X, TreZure the Empress, Proper Icon Society, Ashaki and a host of others! Plus BK's other sound ambassador DJ Hard Hittin' Harry will be turning the tables that night too!
Then it's straight 9's on the 9th of Sept. are we do it up BIG BIG BIG for Ahficionado's front man Frei "like free" B'day bash at Deity! Hosted but EVERYONE you can think of that's BK breed. This one is for the Virgos and the folks who love them. So there you have it two choices to make you say "Ah!"

"Virgos Is For Lovers!" -V-day Is COMING!

Okay, not to sound bias and all but Virgos RULE! And being that late August and the month of Sept. is upon us, it OUR time! So to help my follow Virgos out I created a list of events and venues where you can come celebrate another year of life and the fact that you're the best sign of the astrology hands down!

On Mondays try...
105 Rivington (betwn Essex & Ludlow)
FREE admission small space yet sexy
(it has a stripper pole for Christ sake)!

On Tues. get with...
"Word To Everything I Love!"
After work 6pm-12am
FREE admission
Food served, Drinks are reasonably priced, GREAT DJs

Special dates you may wanna collabo your B'days on:

Sept. 8th MTV pre-dinner event at Aspen 6-12am
Sept. 9th B'day bash for fellow Virgo Frei of Ahficionados fame at Deity 10-4am
Sept. 15th B'day dinner party for Dirty Deb's Linda & Tara, DJ Miss Saigon and me (!) the Minority Report 6-12
Sept. 20th "LOVE is LOVE" BBQ /Shopping experience 3pm-Sunset
Sept. 22nd Eric Robeson album release

Honorary Fellow Virgos you may (or may not know)

Sept dates:
03 Nigel Walker
05 Jennifer Bess, Isis Adewale
06 Kareem D. Anglin
07 Lin Que Darcel Turner, Regina Ginyard
09 Deffrei Enfermera
10 Keisha Millon, Keith Lawrence, Sha Sykes
13 Valeria Smith, Shanah Walton, Tati Amare
14 Michael Richardson Yacira Valdez,
15 Zebi Williams, Noneya MisSaigon Bizzness,
16 Ant Marshall Ebony Rentas
17 Dallas Green, Malik Yoba
18 Shimy HotRod, Sirita Wright, Phillip S. Pabon
19 Alanzo Dale (me)
20 Daoud Abeid
21 Ainsley Burrows
22 Davida Selby , Tamara Orozco, Sharon Beckford, Toni Renee

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"That's My WORD Son!" -Quite A Few B'days Celebrated Tonight! Meet You @ Aspen Later

Seems like things aren't slowing down over by Aspen (on Tues. after work) huh? 5 smashing (as the Brits would say) weeks of back to back x 3 parties of hotness. Tonight will be no different, for tonight we're toasting the 30 yrs of life of one J. Nicholson, Cornerstone Mrkt. /Mixtape show extraordinaire! Rumors have been floating around that the former lead voice of Floetry (Marsha Ambrosius) will make a cameo and stop through to say "Cheers?" and help build the buzz about "WORD!" But you didn't hear this from me (lol) okay? Plus DJ Mick Boogie returns to do the honors on the 1's and 2's w/ DJ DB assisting. AND get this, Uptown mag will be supplying their latest issue (w/Usher on the cover) out to all in attendance. comin' out? COOL! I need to see your face in the place. Food, good folks, & fun...that's "Word to Everything I Love!'

Tues. Aug 25th
WORD To Everything I LOVE!
Presented by Dirty Debutante and The Minority Report
Aspen -30 W 22nd St (btw 5th & 6th Ave)
Music by DJ DB and DJ Mick Boogie
Happy Hour 6-8pm
Kitchen Open till 11pm
21 + w/id
Business & casually mature attire

"The Inglourious Handle B.I." -A Bastardly Movie Review

I'm kinda shocked at myself for waiting as long as I did to see this movie. I'm an avid admirer of Tarantino's work, but was hesitant to catch this one. I'm figuring I was hoping not to be disappointed so I can still have hope in his directorial skills after the questionable "Death Proof" business. Well if you harbored the same fears then I can comfortably say, you can sleep easy tonight...He's BACK! Before I attended a show I call myself reading the person to person reviews (to gain insight) on a favorite web site of mine (Ain't It Cool), and review after review folks either LOVED it or thought the worst of it. There were no in between opinions about it. So THAT wasn't any help. I NEED to see this one for myself! Caught the 5:45 down at BAM, and braced myself for whatever happened. And I gotta say folks, I was extremely pleased! Quentin always had a flair for dialogue (which btw there is ALOT of), but the cinematography, and character development within the movie are award worthy too. I was original thrown off by Brad Pitt's chessy accent from the trailers, but somehow he makes it work for him. He'll somehow get another Oscar nod I'm sure. But the REAL star was the villian in the picture (NO not Hitler) the Nazi detective "Jew Hunter" Hans Landa (played by Christopher Waltz ) that will WIN the Oscar! He owns this movie every time he appears on screen. Not to take anything away from the other fine actors cast, but he outshines each one he shares a scene with. He's THAT good! His performance alone makes the movie worth seeing (to me). Now don't walk into the theater thinking this is a rag-tag band of (Jewish) military misfits looking to have some fun killing Nazis...You'd be HALF right. The film plays host to a secondary story line (which QT is also famous for) that ties into the first, which is not as interesting, but equally important to the overall plot. I trying not to say too too uch so that it's not spoiled for you, but this one is a good one that will end questioning weather Tarantino is a film maker or not. There's ALREADY prequel talk! 4 out of 4 M's for this one.

Monday, August 24, 2009

"Bike To Mike"-Let's Ride For MJ Day!

I'm PRETTY sure by now like all of NYC , you've heard news about the "ginormous" B'day party Brooklyn & film icon Spike Lee is throwing for Michael Jackson right? And I'm hoping you've received news about the numbers of bike riders gathering at the Brooklyn Museum to do a charity fun(d) raiser through BK that same morning too? Well NOW you know! Here some updates about the 1st Annual "Take It To The Streets" aka "Bike To Mike & Spike" bike ride & picnic Harriet's Alter Ego, the Breakfast Club, & myself (the Minority Report) are organizing. The bike route will end at PROSPECT PARK NOT FT. GREENE park as originally planned, due to the fact the the MJ celebration has been moved to Prospect Park as well. To find out just why click HERE. Folks are claiming it's due to the expected crowd amount wise. But let's be honest here folks, Ft. Greene park was TOO close to the projects distance wise. Lol! Anyhow it's still going down regardless, the KING of pop, comes to the county of KINGS, it's only right! If you're "rolling" w/us over there deep, click yo ass over to: BKBIKEBRAGADE
to pre-register and be counted for a great cause. Peep the pic, even Mike was "green" at one time too.

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.166)

It makes absolutely NO sense to me that you have yet to discover the social "awesomeness" power of the GREAT Tues. after work party called "Word To Everything I Love!" @ Aspen (W. 22nd /5th & 6th) Songs will be written, and folks will past down from generation to generation the legendary tale of how this party came from nowhere, to claim rule over the NEW New York social set of taste makers! YES people it is just that DOPE! I may be exaggerating just a wee bit, but I challenge you to find better. The food (!) affordable (recession conscience) drinks (!!), the great hosting DJs (!!!) are all an unbeatable combo. This past Tues. Dirty Deb's own Sam Smalls "bring'em out bring'em" out to celebrate her B'day. It was like a "class" reunion up in there! (Butch Diva boss) Tiffany, Wordspit, Nadia Brewer (luv her), (the Breakfast Club's) Charlie Chick, even a cameo from m.i.a. Tiara Chameleon came to find out first hand what the buzz was all about. DJ Soul & the Ahficionados took turntable turns making the crowd move all night (6pm-12am). Peep the very last pic below. Tiff & L.A. are bugging that you're not there yet! FYI * This Tues. (8/25) we'll be celebrating a few more B'days!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"