Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Old Is New Again...and Again" -Vintage Sale

One of NYC's best kept secrets is hidden no more. Because it won't be long after they have their huge warehouse sale on vintage items, will the world be buzzing...the bell to get in the store lol.
Remember TODAY it starts:
Vintage Warehouse Sale
Sweet Tater

280 Mulberry St. betwn. Prince & Houston
boots l summer dresses l high waist denim l vintage blouses and more
70 % of item $5-20 l Italian boots marked down to $45 l Fall & Summer dresses $15-$25

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Tbutter said...

Luv this! You're the shit! I'm tellin everybody about the dopeist blog in NY! Cheers to the letter 'M' ;) MUAH!

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