Friday, February 29, 2008

"The State of Cleveland"-Family Guy "Cleveland" Gets His Own Show!

Hahahahahahaha, You HAVE to laugh it this one!
"Cleveland Brown" the super laid back neighbor and good friend of the Griffins is getting is own show! True story! That's funny for so many reasons, the 1st one being that this will be the 1st black animated (leading character) show since...well since
that black teen superhero show.
Second reason would be that, he's voiced by a white guy. Which speaks volumes that black actors can't even get work in Hollywood to do damn voice overs too!?! I'm pretty sure it will be funny. Just the thought of the possibilities of playing on and against African-American stereotypes, is Emmy award winning material alone. And obviously there will be Family Guy character cameos, besides appearances by other (in) famous black actors. FOX is a perfect name for that network 'cause they're definitely crazy like one. Tune in folks or be tuned out.

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