Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Flashing Lights" -Paprazzi Pics (Pt. 307)

OK in all honesty we TRIED to host a nice lil' laid back "Neo-Soul/R&B ish type" brunch last Sunday, hosted by our latest NEW venue acquisition RSVP...AGAIN WE TRIED! But low and behold once the plates were out the way, and the bottles started coming out, SHIT GOT SERIOUSLY TURNT UP! Not that I'm pointing it out cause we're upset (HELL NO), it just took us by surprised that as dressed up as folks were, they were 'bout ready to "pop that thang!" LOL. And before the night was done, the management was ALREADY inquiring on when we were coming back for round TWO (Shhh...It's SUNDAY, MARCH 31ST BTW)! THANK YOU for your support, THANK YOU for your time & effort, THANK YOU for turning it UP! We'll be taking an hiatus till (again) March 31st for another Sunday brunch "RSVP ONLY" episode right back at the same venue RSVP. Till then peep the pics and go and check out the reason behind the brunch. Our launching of our NEW lifestyle blog "the Joneses" @

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"