Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"All I Do Is WIN, WIN, WIN!" -Next Sunday's Largest Superbowl Party In NYC

Year in and year out like clockwork the Block Association has been hosting (for FOUR yrs. now) a large gathering of folks all in the interest of watching the NFL's season best two teams duke it out for world championship. And year in year out like a steadily growing child each passing year it just grows bigger & BIGGER! Well this year will NOT be any different! Why? Cause not only will we be partnering up with both Showcase Ent. & Empire Entity, BUT also we'll be taking over the entire space of the beautiful SLATE which technically gives us the bragging right to say it WILL be hand's down "The largest Superbowl viewing party in NYC!" YEAP, we'll be turning SLATE into one HUGE living room next Sunday (Feb. 3rd), and you'll have a front row seat ANYWHERE in the house. Especially w/over 30 flat screen TVs and one large projector on deck. What better way to watch the big game and the even bigger half-time show performance by Beyonce' (& special guest)?!? And of course, food, table reserved/special bottle packages will be thrown in the mix w/ an after party celebration to make THIS ONE just as memorable as the past ones...BONG! Here are some deets, bottle prices are coming shortly trust.

Sunday Feb 3rd
the Block Association Presents 

"My Uber Sunday Super Bowl Party" 
@ Slate -54 W 21st (5th & 6th)
Music by DJ Trauma, Frei Speech
& Danny Ocean

Hosted by the Block Boys x Showcase Ent  

x Empire Entity


Table Reservation + Bottle Service, Bday Celebration

Executive Suite Game Package ( Team of 10-12 players )

2 bottles of Ciroc or Grey Goose
2 bottles of Moscato, Pinot Grigio , Cabernet , or House Champagne
Large bucket of wings
Choice of 4 other items from our Superbowl menu
Bucket of 6 heinekens
A package of Lemonade Made Drinks

Box Seats Game Package ( Team of 6-8 players )

1 bottle of Ciroc or Grey Goose
1 bottle of Moscato , Pinot Grigio , Cabernet or House Champagne
Plate of buffalo wings
Choice of 2 other items from our "Superbowl" menu  (some items excluded)
A Package of Lemonade Made Drinks
Front Row Seats Game Package ( Team of 4 players )

3 bottles of Moscato,  Pinot Grigio, Cabernet, or House Champagne
Plate of buffalo wings
Choice of 2 other items from our "Superbowl" menu  (some items excluded)
A Package of Lemonade Made Drinks 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Get Into The Party Life!" -Dream On...Dream On...Dream On...MLK Weekend Plans

Is it just me or am I the only one that's buggin that not only are we entering our 13th year in the 2000's but that its only TWO weeks left in January already!!! Sheesh, where'd the time go?!?
Bright side is, we're getting closer to it being Spring again right? Anyways I here to say yet another much needed holiday 3 day weekend is upon us, so I wanted to share plans with you on two social events the Block Association has got going on starting with...

Friday  January 18  ( Every Friday After ) 
The Block Association Presents
@Cappello -21 7th Ave South. ( Between Carmine & Leroy )
Music by: DJ Trauma, Frei Speech  Danny Ocean 
Hosted by: The Block boys
Admission at Doorman's discretion
Dress Code: Sexy/Fashionable/ Trendy

"GOOD FRIDAYS" Bottle packages
$200 Grey Goose bottle b4 12am
$500 2 bottles of Goose OR Ciroc + 1 champagne ( 3 Bottles )
2 for 1 drinks for ladies before midnight

Then Sunday January 20 , 2013
The Block Association + Showcase + Empire present

"Sundays Best"     -MLK Holiday soiree
@ Chelsea Manor - 138 West 25th St. Bet 6th & 7th 
Music by: DJ Goldfinger DJ Trauma Danny Ocean 

Hosted by: The Block boys

Admission at Doorman's discretion
Dress Code: Sexy/Fashionable/ Trendy ( impress the opposite sex )
Details: Ladies NO COVER B4 12:30 & Gents $10 B4 12:00 am  

with mandatory rsvp at

SAVE-THE-DATE (Sunday, Feb. 3rd)

Friday, January 11, 2013

"He's Not Heavy He's My Brother!" -TONIGHT Another Great Block Boys B'Day Toast!

Survivors of both the Regan/crack era and the rebel uprising in their native country of Haiti, these two were destined to become friends after Gary rescued Carlito during a night an over-dosed drinking binge in Cancun one unforgettable Memorial Weekend. Nicknamed "Ren & Stimpy" affectionately amongst there peers, these two have been inseparable ever since that random hot Mexican night. So it comes as NO surprise that they both share the SAME b'day month as well! What does this all mean for you? Well it basically means that TONIGHT it will be TWICE the "normal" debauchery as we celebrate their conjoined b'days. No gifts are asked, all that's needed from you is first you're RSVP to attend (, check your coat (and your inhibitions) at the door, eat before hand to hold down the liquor, and ummm bring LOTS of singles (wink) LOL! Yeah we're going in all the way with this one.  Here's more details and past pics of the two chumming it up.

Friday Jan 11th - 
"Good Friday's" 
@Cappello -21 7th Ave. South (Betwn Carmine & Leroy)
Music by DJ Trauma, Frei Speech & Danny Ocean
Hosted by Silky Valente'
#GoodFridays @theBlockAssoc @CappelloNY
Table Reservation + Bottle Service, Bday Celebration

2 for one drinks for ladies before midnight
$200 Grey Goose bottle b4 12am
$500 2 bottles of Goose OR Ciroc + 1 champagne

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"I Need Some Space" -Three HOT Trailers From The Third Rock From The Sun

I'm guessing Hollywood collectively decided that filming other "planets" was becoming WAY too expensive to do. Besides Earth is a thousand times more interesting! Hopefully we'll NEVER know in our lifetime how the end will come, but that doesn't stop us curious humans from forking our hard earned money to purchase tickets and sit for 2hrs. in a dark room full of strangers to find out. Myself included. Here are 3 sci-fi movies coming later this year that believe Earth is the last frontier. And prove we're just too fuc*in lazy to leave our orbit and visit our galaxies. LOL.

OBLIVION -Tom Cruise AFTER EARTH -Will & Jaden Smith STAR TREK: Into Darkness -J.J. Abrams

"What's That Jacket Margiela?" -H&M Collabo Event With Margiela At Time Warner Building

Speaking of old news, I found even MORE pics in my lost & found hard drive dept that I felt was shareable with you guys. In this set are pics from that H&M X Margiela shindig that 's already mentioned in the title. Gary Jourdain of the Block Association lady extended an invite to the team to do some pre-shopping before the gen pop got their hands on it, but NO ONE listened until they saw the treasure trove I came home with (SMDH). I was lite FM in the men's selection but, I managed to cop a pair of all white swaggy kicks, and a camel coat for team member L.A. However Gary came off with a nice denim jacket (he later returned) and a trio pack of linen underwear. WTFH! Anyways here's some pics I'm sharing, you'll see a few familiar fashion faces among the bunch.

Friday, January 4, 2013

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 305)

They say before starting a new year you're suppose to do a through cleansing of house and mind. Well I thought laptops SHOULD be included in all of that. So with that being said I have posted below a wide variety of pics from various functions that I never got around to posting due to either pure laziness or very busy-ness...Real talk. If memory serves me right I'll list where these were taking at, starting with a random Thurs. @ Veranda that DJ Trauma of the Block Association will filling in for one night. Next up are some photos from one of the last ( 6 Degrees of Attraction) Sunday brunches we hosted at Parlor. Then the final bunch are a combo of flicks from DJ Moma's b'day event at Pink Elephant then a holiday party @ Cellar Bar in the Bryant Park Hotel hosted by Ade. New Year's resolution; I'll try not to fall so behind on posting pics this year...TRY! LOL enjoy.

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"