Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 302)

Now that Halloween is actually HERE, & Sandy went door to door "trick or treating" she put ALOT of peoples plans to celebrate today out the window! So thankfully for us it was GREAT timing that we gave our followers an unforgettable pre-Halloween celebration that will be just as unforgettable as the storm! Unlike any other holiday event we've thrown in October past years, we switched things up MAJORLY by one moving this year's "MONSTERS BALL" to the city, and secondly by teaming up with BlackLight Ent. that (by sheer coincidence) also was celebrating their FOURTH Halloween party titled "MONSTERS BALL 4" as well! An to top things off that made the event even crazier was that we brought in Micheal Morrow (of Philadelphia Status) to host, who had a bus load (59+ ppl. and two cars worth) of party goes come up to NYC especially just to experience a Block Association event.  And WHAT and event it was! With over 400 tix sold before the doors even opened up we KNEW we had another winning night on our hands! But NO victory comes without struggle. Due to a freakin' bar mitzah that took place before our event, doors didn't open until 12pm! Which created a "zombie like" hunger to party on the ever growing (down the block long) line outside. So when it was time to let ppl in, it was a rush for the door like a supermarket during...well during a storm! We THANK YOU for your patience. DJ Trauma & Silky Valente' (doing mic duties) MORE than made up for the wait. As you'll notice in the picture below, AGAIN we draw out not only a HUGE crowd but in my personal opinion one of NYC's (& Philly) most BEAUTIFUL looking crowds as well! NO lie (Drake voice). If the costumes didn't impress you, the all black dressed attire sho nuff did! And on THAT note, please please please heed the warning when we VERBALLY and LITERALLY tell you to "purchase yo tix EARLY!" We have a beyond GREAT set up for you guys when New Year's Eve rolls around that will be legendary! Mark my words son! Details are coming sooner than you think. Anyways, I went H.A.M. on taking pics last Saturday, and I STILL didn't capture the sheer amount of folks that came out to support us...DAMN! Better luck NEXT YEAR I guess (LOL).

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"