Monday, June 30, 2008

"Dog Gone Tired of Partying"- Return of the Mack(enzie)

Wow! Talk about a blast from the past. Here's proof that even child animal actors have it hard. Spuds Mackenzie, once the daring of the marketing world when he 1st appeared in a now famously forgotten Super Bowl ad in the '80's, has finally returned from whatever hide away rehab retreat doghouse he was in. Bud light, (whom he had briefly worked for) had made a killing off of him and was killing him at the same time...with an endless supply of suds at his disposal. They say never get high on your own supply, but apparently that doesn't translate into dog to well. Both him and his owner ended up broke, homeless and in Alcoholics Anonymous. The above picture is a candid shot of ol' Spuds making ends meet, at what appeared to be a bachelorette party! When questioned about his current status here's what he had to say, "Well what can I say? I partied hard, and with the best of them, maybe TOO hard! Now I'm just taking it one paw at a time, and stripping is what's putting the doggy biscuits on the table understand? Plus, I still get to meet some fine bitches anyhow. Win win." Well I say good luck to you "Spuds Mack". I sincerely hope you never fall "off the Chuck Wagon" again buddy. Woof there it is!

"I Got My Fam Up In Here" -July 3rd's BBQ & Stylish Social

Ummm, yummy right? My mouth is watering just looking at this flier!
I'm just thinking about how delicious that food is gonna, seriously. Oh yeah, the girls look hot too, no question. And if the turn out is any thing like Sunday past, then I suggest you arrive the night before (lol). For this "Class Reunion" were switching things up and making at a "Family Reunion" this time around. Besides, Butch Diva hosting, Renee (of Sweetie), 718 Bodega, Yume, Nicole James, Casey (of heaVy), Keith (from MJGS), and the Stylistics Agency have all pitched in to bring out the masses! Also expect a live performance by Print w/ Good Day Good Night on that night too! And music of course by none other than Blackocaine of the Ahficianos. Here's all the rest you need to know.

"the FAMILY REUNION" -BBQ & Stylish Social
Frank White
-936 Atlantic Ave.
Food & Drinks served
Massages $5 (5 mins) $10 (10 mins)
10pm-Until Popo come
$5 dollar donation @ door

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.60)

Last Saturday, after a long trek out to C.I. (Coney Island) to catch the Mermaid parade (for the first time), next stop on the days agenda was to go check this Dante's Fried Chicken event that was been buzzed about on the "In Crowd" circuit. Took the same F train back to Carroll St. and navigated our way to the listed address (I was mad I posted the address on the blog but, didn't care to write it down.) Once we arrived, I noticed the location not only was off the beaten path but, it also reminded of a refugee camp. You know... like the ones in those zombie movies where the remaining survivors meet up for shelter and food supplies (lol). Or those Summer camp picnic dining areas up at Bear Mountain. However it was a really really cool collection of folks gathered there, all waiting to become "chicken heads." I'm bad with names but, there was a guy drumming along to some dope sampled tracks that I was digging! If you know the brother tell'em we definitely could use him for the "Rock the BlocK" event come Aug 9th. I thought, if the chicken is half as soulful as the performing acts were, then f**k I'll be a "chicken head" too! Got my meal tix, stood in line...2 minutes past, 10 mins. past, 15 mins. past. Then finally the food comes out and at long last I get...ONE DAMN NUGGET?!? Hold up, hold up, hold up! Ummm. where's this Dante dude at man? I need to have a word with him. Let me find out, he's a comedian too? Don't get me wrong, It was the BEST tasting, ONE nugget, I ever had. However I am a starving black man, who's been in line (in the scorching Sun mind you) waiting for 15 mins! I'm guessing the performing acts were there to calm the savage beast huh? Oh well. on to the next spot (MoCada), hopefully they'll have food over there. If not, then pluck it! Here's the pics ya'll, enjoy! More flicks here too (thanks Rich)!

"I Wanna Rockers With You"

Big up to "Class" mate Nicole James (LE Street BloC) man! Janine Durham and her are licking off some wicked tunes on Wed, July 2nd for a pre-holiday Rockers wind up ting. Save this date, and come through to lick a shot in the air, boogle dance, heel-toe, parachute, or whatever crazy dance these kids are doing (hard to keep up) these days. Anyways , here's the ross clot address for those who like to hear some good Dub music. Seen?

Nicole James & Janine Durham present
ROCKERS -Pure Bashment Ting!
105 Rivington St. (betwn Essex & Ludlow)

"Don't Rain On My (Gay) Parade!" -Rainbow Bright

Hey where you out at the Gay Pride parade this Sunday? No, by no means was I but...hahahaha! And no, I'm not trying to "out" you either. I was just asking, cause I heard that normally bad weather such as rain is frowned upon on celebrated days like that. But for gays & lesbians it was quite the opposite, who embraced the rain. Turning the parade into one big "wet t-shirt contest" (which the lesbians DID NOT mind one bit). And how's this for irony, after the parade and the rain had stopped, one huge rainbow was cast over the whole city....
Fierce. Lol!

Friday, June 27, 2008

"Get Into the Party Life" -Love in the Club...

Alright, you have friends or family in town and you're stuck on exactly where to go right? Well I'll break it down for you to make it seem like you're still cool (in their eyes) and not a lame. So here we go; TONIGHT!

Fri. June 27th
the SoHo Grand garden
310 W.Broadway
My stylist friend is throwing a shindig
inside Cabanas in the hotels garden.
5pm-until Free.

Down & Derby

BK's ONLY rollerskating party
Studio B -259 Banker St.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
$10 adm. $5 w/rsvp $3 skate rentals

Charles Anthony & The Good People at HustleMode present
the Freedom Party "5 yrs. strong"
Canal Room -285 W. Broadway (near Canal St.)
Music by
DJ Herbert Holler, DJ Cosi & Marc Smooth
$7 for ladies $10 for men b4 2am when you mention Charles Anthony

Sat. June 28th
Nasilele Photography
Studio Opening Celebration 5pm-1opm 307 Hancock St. (btw Tomkins & Throop) RSVP to

Sweetie's Ep Release Party
Spotlight Live lounge -1064 Broadway (near 48th)
10pm perform
$10 admission

Heaven & Hell
Yume -Loft 406 -925 Bergen St. (near Franklin Ave.)
$10 b4 12am
No explanation needed, you KNOW how Yume parties get!

Needle Drop
Supreme Trading -213 N.8th St. (Williamsbug BK)
$7 adm $5 w/rsvp;
Music by Large Professor & Marshall Law
2 Open bars
11pm-11:30pm / 2:30-3am

Sun. June 29th
Medium Rare -BBQ & Trunk Show
Frank White -936 Atlantic Ave.
Free giveaways
Free Heinekens

"Barack & Roll"-Cover Me, I'm Going In!

Barack Obama scores not one but TWO Rolling Stone covers in the SAME year! Guess you know what that means right? Yep, music REALLY ain't selling, and Lil' Wanye was unavailable at the time to shoot the cover. LOL! Quoted in the article he says that he rocks Jay-Z in his iPod. I know his theme must've been "I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one" during his campaigning against Hillary. Out of camera view is her kissing his feet (notice his smile).
(*BTW peep the absent "infamous pin" in one photo then it's cameo on the next)

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.59)

They came, they saw, they conquered! Big up to the Far East rulers of Dancehall Mighty Crown (Japan) for tearing down the set Last Fri. at the return of White Shirt Blue Jeans! Each DJ set came with their own brand of flavor to the party to make this a memorable night.
I never really was a avid fan of Reggae, but trust me even if you're not, the energy level in there was contagious. Plus it's kinda hard (pun intended) not to get into it when some "Daisy Duke's" wearing dime is winding slow on your "love muscle"...Feel me? However the (weirdest) musical highlight of the night was when DJ Magic threw on the theme from "Fresh Prince of Bel-air" and "Family Guy" that sparked a spontaneous sing-along. I was a bit disappointed to be honest, by the lack of participation as far as the dress theme goes. It was made real simple for a reason people...White Shirt Blue Jeans...How hard is that to follow?
Sound Proof showed and proved with a ol' school Rockers set that had folks reminiscing hard. I am now a HUGE fan. The Brooklyn Circus would like to give thanks all those that came out rocking their tees and all sponsors involved for their support. Big up yourself, if you were in attendance rude boy/girl! This was HISTORY! Seen?

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"