Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Scratchin' Fleas" -Dog Days Combing Through The Fles Markets

I'm not sure if you've been paying any attention but, I'm BIG on antiques (furniture) vintage clothes & things of that nature. So with this current recession, combined with the growing "flea" industry, life is good for me right now. Sometimes twice in one weekend I'll hit all the spots, as if I'm "treasure hunting for coolness" to see what I can add to my home decor or closet. Here's a list of spot you may wanna peep out if you're into that sorta thing like me. Maybe I'll run into you there sometime.

Check out :
Hell's Kitchen Flea -39th betwn 9th & 10th Ave. Sat & Sun
26th St Garage flea - 26th bwtn 6th & 7th,
Brooklyn Flea - Lafayette & Vanderbilt (Sat only) Sunday under the Bklyn Bridge.
Housing Works stores, & Angel Street thrift.
Atlantic Ave. antique strip

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Dirty Dancing!" -the Dirty Debs Wanna Give You A Hangover!

Right back at cha the girls of "Word To Everything I Love!" the Summer's most fabulous after work for the cool kids, have mixed up a monthly (3rd Thurs.) event that will surely give you a "musical hangover!" Ever heard of the Belmont Lounge? That hidden spot round the corner from Irving Plaza? Well TONIGHT that's were the funky vibrations of DB & Mick Boogie can be heard, oh and tell some friends to come thru too. It's once a month so DON'T miss it or your ass'll have to wait a whole 'nother month to catch one.

TONIGHT (& every 3rd Thurs.)
Dirty Debutante presents
"the Hangover"
Belmont Lounge -17 E. 15th St (bet. Irving Place & Park Ave S.)
Food & Drink Specials
No Cover/ 21+
RSVP Required: events@dirtydebutantenyc.com

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Let's Talk Turkey!" -Two Deliciously FREE Thanksgiving Events

Looking for a sure fire plan to party for the coming holiday weekend? Well look no further, I have TWO that you might enjoy. Pull up to the table and dig in!

Wed. Nov 26th (Thanksgiving eve)
"the Menu"
Red Bamboo -271 Adelphi near Dekalb St.
Music by the Ahficionados
First 100 FREE w/ rsvps $5 after for guys
FREE all night for ladies

Sat. Nov 28th
From the folks that brought you "BK All Day!" on the 4th of July & "Monsters Ball" Halloween night comes yet another holiday event that continues in the grand tradition of memorable parties.

"the Block Association" presents
"the Homecoming" -Thanksgiving Weekend
One Front St. near Old Fulton St.
Music by the Ahficionados & Soundproof
Food served till 12pm

AFTER 11PM - $10 for Ladies/$15 for Guys
After 12:30 am Admission Fee @ Doorman's discretion
*Over 3.000 RSVPS for our last event...so don't miss THIS one!

"the BlocK Association" is Harriet's Alter Ego, Alador & Smith, the Minority Report, the Ahficionados, the Stylistics Agency, & the Breakfast Club.

"Brooklyn Keeps On Making It!" -In The Art of the Ghetto, Sat. Nov. 21st

Not next Saturday, not last Saturday. THIS Saturday a HUGE collective of the arts most promising and noteworthy faces will be converging at one spot in (Bed Stuy, Brooklyn) for an art exhibit that would make the Brooklyn Museum jealous! Of all people that black ops/urban ninja dude from Coup d'Etat BK, Rasu (in partnership with the historic Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration
Corporation and PUMA), has somehow galvanized some dope folks to come together under ONE roof! "Live to Change Something Through Art" a mixed media, multi-artist exhibition. opening reception begins Nov. 21st. (ends Feb. 28th)

Saturday, November 21st
"Live to Change Something Through Art" Opening Reception
4 p.m. - 7 p.m.
Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation's Skylight Gallery
1368 Fulton Street, 3rd Floor

"Enter the (Little) Dragon!" -Little Dragon Preforms Live This Saturday!

Remember a WHILE back sometime last year I tried to hip you to this "indie soul-ish" band I was feeling from Sweden w/ the cute lead singer with the "Badu-ish" voice? Well now is your chance for you (& I of course) to catch them playing live in NYC this weekend. It not the first time though. They've performed at the same venue a few months back but I missed them that time around. However I DID see them at Summer Stage recently, but the sound and crowd SUCKED! Folks were more into Q-Tip & Chester French that go round. Well any case they'll be headlining this one so start standing in line NOW! FYI* DJ Scribe will be on set so it's sure to be a sell out anyway to look at it.

Little Dragon
(along w/ Redux, Crystal Fighters, & DJ Scribe)
Le Poisson Rogue -158 Bleecker Street
Door open at 11pm
Admission $15 dollars
21+ over event.

Friday, November 13, 2009

"C.U. At The Top!"-Secrets Of Columbia University FINALLY Reveled!

You know how you work somewhere for a while but never take in your surrounding simply because you've become numb to the daily routine of traveling to and from work. Well, for it was that way for a while till on my usual lunch break on Columbia University's sprawling campus, a random vagabond shouted in my direction "Look at things deeper than just their shallow surface!" Gave the "evil eye", then hurried off with his ragtag shopping cart of aluminum cans. Usually I woulda shrugged the old coot's rambling off as just that...rambling! But I decided to take him up on that "jewel" he dropped and get my "Dan Brown" on researching some of the University's more iconic landmarks. Not it's not quite the "Davinci Code" of information that I was hoping to uncover, but what I DID find out was still pretty interesting, if I may say so myself.

Okay let's start of with the Alma Mata that adorns the center stairs of the campus. Come to find out that the statue place there was the original design engineer Gustave Eiffel (yeah of Eiffel Tower fame) had for the Statue of Liberty! The staff was to be the torch, the hand positioned upwards was to motion "What, MORE immigrants?" and the book on her lap was actual suppose to be a record log book to record all the names of the "newcomers." When NY state officials rejected the first design in fear of offending other nations, Columbia scooped up the "gift shop" sized, cheaper priced version, and saved a bundle. Wild huh? Who knew? Final note; the sculptor who's named Chester French is whom the group of the same name got it from.

Heard of "the Manhattan Project" , the code name for atomic bomb development during WWII? Well word is that it was first called the "Harlem Project" but it was renamed "Manhattan" to avoid it being confused with the low income housing projects being built in Harlem at the time. The Low Library was to double as a missile silo in fear of a possible German invasion starting with the Ivy League schools rumored to happen. Columbia not wanting to take any chances, quickly decided to move all of their existing library facilities across campus to what is now known as Butler Library. Today still emptied out of books, it on the short list of locations considered for the "Legion of Doom" in a live action film version of the "Justice League."

Back when Columbia was founded they were so eager to recruit players for their lagging basketball team they went as far as erecting a statue at the front gates as a sign of acceptance to the sport. Symbolizing what pride they took in their "hardwood" players. Coming out of the locker room shower with a basketball still in hand, draped with only towels and wearing sandals, was common practice (and not gay) back then. So this statue depicts just that.

However for women, cooking ruled the day. So then a statue had to be made in support of their "domestic prowess" with an equally grand front gate statue. One showing a young student woman holding up a cook book recipe proudly to the incoming student body and visitors alike.

Now this odd fact fans of the old Batman TV series will appreciate. Remember the statue / bust of Shakespeare Bruce Wanye used to lift in order to active the poles to the Batcave? Well the University has the SAME device...well not quite, but something very similar. Hidden inside this marble bust of "Athena" (I think) is two turn key locks to activite the missile silo and the dome to retract on top of Low Library if the fore mentioned German invasion ever had taken place. Only two people have possession of these keys, The (University) President has one and the head of security the other.

Forget a Recession, the Great Depression was what was on young students minds during the time when this sculpture was donated to the campus. Inspired by a student making ends meet by posing nude for fellow art students, this statue became the symbol for thousands of graduates wondering about student loan payments, and lack of job prospects. When the art teacher at the time asked the model what was he thinking about to invoke the now famous pose he replied, "Having to move back in with my God d@#n parents!" Understood.

Did you know "the Lion King" is the number one rented Netflix movie in campus dorms? So popular among the student body that a statue was erected with raised funds from bake sales to have a full scale statue made in honor of the animated film! In all honesty I swore it was the lion from those "Narnia" flicks! Guess that shows how much I watch movies huh?

Speaking of movies, 20th Century Fox has paid good money to the University to let them construct a full function life size version of the Fantastic Four's
famously known headquarters "the Baxter Building" as a set for their latest installment of the Fan Four's adventures. No word yet on what C.U. is going to do with the set / building once film production has ended. But I'm sure selling tours is one of their options. LOL.

That's about all I've uncovered for now but I'll be sure to get back to you with some more tidbit info before the book comes out, and I'm doing a book signing world tour

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Art Of The Concrete Jungle!" -Eye Know Brooklyn

"When neglect turns to disrespect, it's time to get your hat and coat outta coat check!"
-the Minority Report

Thursday, November 5, 2009

"In Other News..." -Bloods Thicker Than Water...Mixed w/Kool-Aid That Is.

I'm not sure if you've been keeping abreast of the news but folks have been reporting a rise in gang activity in connection with recent slashings around town. Rumor has it that Blood gang members have been asking unsuspecting folks "Do you have the time?" then slashing or robbing them. Now things have gotten even MORE bizarre even for NYC standards! Due to the rising popularity of bottled "smart/vitamin water" even the Kool-Aid man apparently has fallen on hard times! Word has it that he has some gang affiliation with the Bloods now (which WOULD explain all the red)! One recent victim while attending a house party (in East New York, Brooklyn) casually told her host that she was thirsty, when suddenly ya boy bursts through the wall exclaiming "Oh Yeaahh Motherf@*ker?!?" then began bashing her with that cool refreshing pitcher you see pictured in his hand, till the victim became unconscious...WORD! Cops are advising that you leave the house well hydrated or carry a very LONG straw if attacked by someone fitting his description. But be advised that he's armed and dangerously sugary, and is known to cause diabetes, especially among the African-American community. Me, I'm switching to Capri Sun son! I knew Kool-Aid was bad for you, just never knew THIS bad! LOL!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.178)

With over 2648 rsvps (!) on Going.com (alone), Facebook clocked in at 420 something, and my own email (theMreport@gmail.com
) added another 350 names, it was no wonder "MONSTERS BALL" had such a HUGE turnout! Before the buzz hit the streets NY Post, the Times, the Daily News AND even Columbia University's paper had writes up about the event being "the place to be..." come Halloween night. I myself showed to a 8:30 (mind you the doors didn't open up till 10pm) to prepare the venue for the enormous attendance, and there were folks posted up inside already, who decided not to take any chances on getting in. And for good reason, cause by 10:30-11pm the line resembled a "Hands Across America" line. LOL! Despite the rain, people knew if they had missed this one they would have had to kick themselves from Nov. 1st till NEXT Halloween. Each floors was packed with creative and fashionable party goes giving praise to the fabulous looking crowd & music selection. At one point the system BLEW and folks still keep singing along like it was one big karaoke night...DOPE! I love you for that Brooklyn! Thanks to EVERYONE who came out even if you didn't get in, and my team "the BlocK Association" (which consist of Harriet's Alter Ego, the Stylistics Agency, the Breakfast Club, Alador & Smith, Silky Valente, the BKC, plus the Ahficionados) from making this happen. Please be warned that Thanksgiving, X-mas (and perhaps New Year's Eve) parties are next to come. So start checking on Facebook and your e-mail for full info about or next venture. Thank you once again. Now picture time. FYI* Best group costume the "Coming to America" crew! You guys had it DOWN to a tee! Kudos my friend, kudos! Peep more HERE , HERE,

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"