Thursday, February 21, 2008

"The Wraith of Will"- in Wolverine Film

Well this shouldn't be a big surprise, being that Hollywood is always trying to encourage the merging of musicians and movies. In hopes that fans of the artist are ravenous enough to plunk down duckets to see he or she on the big screen. has been recently cast to play a character named John Wraith, in the in-production film X-Men: Wolverine, who has powers to teleport much like and another X-men character, Nightcrawler. Could he be playing his dad?
(I see some resemblance...some.)
We all figured Will was a mutant, but an ACTOR?!?
It's funny how he was casted as a person that possesses the power to disappear at will, and that's basically what alot of people wish he did for real...and take Fergie with him (lol)

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