Monday, May 30, 2011

"Let's Have A Night Cap (& Gown)" -It's A Graduation B**chs!

Round here, amongst the Block Association, we are a VERY close knit unit. You can stay extended family almost. So when one of our members has a celebration of some sort we ALL join in like it's our own event! No seriously, real talk! I say all this to say that THIS Wed. (June 1st) the team will be getting together to toast Block member Lyshaan Hall's graduation party at the newly discovered hot spot Polar Lounge (click to peep spot) located inside the Gramercy/
. He's receiving is black belt in Finance & Entreprenurshit. Sorry I stand corrected it's NOT called a "black belt" as I had thought. It's officially titled a MBA as in I hope "My Black Ass" can get ahead in life with this degree! LOL! Well anyways, It's an OPEN invitation to all those who know him or you just LOVE the Block Association movement and you wanna come chill with us. Either way it's all gravy, no beef.

: If all goes well, this SAME spot will be the location where we kick off our Spring/ Summer after work party series that we've been longing to do for a while now. Here's the deets!

"The Night Cap (& Gown)" -MBA Draft Party for Lyshaan Hall
Polar Lounge - 201 E. 24th St. near 3rd Ave. (under the Marcel Hotel)
Music by the Block Heads (the M Report, Freizze, & DJ Trauma)
FREE admission ALL night
Dress summer time fresh

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Grey Matters!" -FreiZze Prepares To Usher In the "Grey Era"

Hey, doesn't always seems like just when you've figured someone out they flip the switch on you and change UP? Or could it be that you never took the time to REALLY get to know that person entirely huh? I bring this up cause I'm betting that you thought Frei (of the Ahficionados, the Block Association, Pedigree) was a three trick pony right? Negative...he's a FOUR trick pony, and his latest act maybe his most surprising one of all! I can't go into TOO much detail, but judging from the pics below you can guess it has SOMETHING to do with music (other than DJing). Now you guys can understand exactly WHY I f**ks w/the Block. Each person is individually creative in their own right, and they are an inspiration to be around. SALUTE!

"the GREY ERA" soon come...

Monday, May 23, 2011

"I Ain't To Proud To Beg!"- A Couple Of Crazy Sexy Cool Things I Need In My Life

They say money doesn't buy happiest, but it DOES buy you things that will definitely change a ni**a mood for the better RIGHT!?! I'm pretty cool with the things I acquired in life, but as true to human nature we ALWAYS want MORE! Even if the MORE is giving. Anyway, here's a list of things that I come across that I've taken a fancy to that would REALLY be game changers for me. Till I get bored and what something else new. But until then here's what I'm FEELING for the moment...

The OVERSIZED leather seat (minus the ottoman)
Ralph Lauren sells one (mad expensive) but it doesn't have to be THAT one! I need one exactly like this one pictured to match a chair I have already...coordination!

Next up is this (not sure of the brand) Mickey Mouse sweatshirt to add to my already growing collection of Mickey sweats! I thinking this was made a bit more recently than the vintage ones I own, but I dig it!

Yeah, this one is a stretch but can't a ni**a dream? I said to myself "If I ever come into some BIG money, and decide to own a car again, I NEED a 67' Continental w/ the suicide doors in my life!" (preferably in black, like me). Man this joint update & renovated is one SWEET ride! Plus it's an ode to my fascination w/ the Matrix
(Morpheus' car)

And lastly, YES yet ANOTHER camera! I figure "my life is a movie so hey why the f**k not make one?" Right? I do have a quality camera at this present time, but when you KNOW you can get better, you WANT better! Besides I tired of trying to make meatloaf taste like steak! If I'm gonna get my "Hype Williams on" then I need Hype Williams type s**t!!! Feel me? And this is one of the cameras (Canon 7D or Mark IV) that will at least get my foot in the lobby, my imagination will get me in the building...then the top floor!

So hopefully God willing, if I get ALL of these things listed I can come home to relax in my big ass leather chair, dressed in my Mickey sweatshirt, to rest after a long day driving around in my stinkin' Lincoln taking pictures of folks who's jaws dropped look at my bad ass whip!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Get Into The Party Life" -We On Awards Tour Memorial Weekend 3 Day Planner

Starting your LONG weekend on Friday? Good! Then look no further than the on going weekly Friday night "the Class Reunion" parties Freelikefrei (the Ahficionados') & myself (the Minority Report) have been bubbling in Ft. Greene for over a month now! This one we're setting up to be HUGE with two birthday parties, one bachelorette, and one graduation party ALREADY booked to celebrate w/us this coming Friday. Question is will YOU be joining us too?

Friday May 27th
(and EVERY Friday after)
"the Class Reunion" -Dinner & Dance party
Luke's Place -277 Cumberland St. (corner of Lafayette St.)
Music by the M Report, the Ahficionados
& special guest DJ's
Hosted by Sophy Aiida, Saba Mosa, & Melonie Brown
and a collective of fashionable folks
Admission "FREE like Frei" all night
Food & drinks served till late.

Wanna celebrate a b'day w/ a dinner party?
contact us at w/amount of guest
it's FREE of charge

OK folks, I'm gon' need ya'll to stand up for this one! Sat, May 28th the Block Assoc-
in conjunction w/ the Ft. Greene Fest (happening in June) will have not one but TWO legendary names in Hip-Hop spin for the first time TOGET
! Yeah you heard right, but allow me to spell it out for you. Pete Rock "the Creator" & Q-Tip "the Abstract" will be the featured DJ for Pt.2 of the festivals' launching parties! So now your Saturday night is covered!

Saturday, May 28th
"Get On Yo P's & Q's" -Pete Rock & Q-tip LIVE!
Sanders Studios (525 Waverly Ave between Atlantic Ave & Fulton)
$15, advance $10
Music by Pete Rock, Q-tip, the Ahficionados,
& Soundproof Intl.
hosted by Rosie Perez and writer Touré

Need something for Sunday? We GOT you homie! I'm more than proud to announce that the Block Association will be taking over the block located on the intersection on Fulton & Lafayette (next to the medical center) to do our very FIRST "block" party during BAM's DanceAfrica festival. If you're trying to picture it in your head it's on the very same block as Frank's Lounge right on the corner before you hit the block BAM is on. We have a large mixed bag of DJ's curated by the Ahficionados & the Minority Report getting on to spin which will make the day all the more interesting. FYI We're looking for vendors as well too. Holla.

Sunday May 29th
the Block Association and friends present...
"DanceBrooklyn!" -A Memorial Sunday Evening "Vibexperience"
Music by the Ahficonados, Soundproof Intl. Hybrid,
The M Report
, Hard Hittin' Harry, DJ CEO & tons of other guests DJ's on deck.
Med Center Lot- Corner of Ft. Greene Pl. Fulton & Lafayette
FREE Admission...of course.
Looking to vendor? Hit Keith 917-364-5648

Friday, May 20, 2011

"Livin' Off The Wall!" -Street Art Bushwick'd Stylin'

In route to meeting up with raps latest phenom first draft pick Chris Faust to edit the promo he exclusively shot for the Minority Report (view here) hosted listening party event, for his JUST released album. I came across some very interesting street compositions (IE graffiti) that was very interesting. So always prepared with my trusty camera, I took a couple of snap shots to bring back from the far off land of Bushwick /Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Enjoy yo self.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Kung Fu Veranda!" -Miguel Kicks "Sure Thing" Live It w/ the Collective @Veranda Sundays

So Sunday after briefly filling in a DJ set for 'Frei (Ahficionados/
the Block Association
) at the newly opened Vodou Lounge on the very corner of my block (Halsey & Nostrand), I hurried over to Silky Valente' crib to peep the remaining quarters of that embarrassing Heat vs Bulls game. And to fill up on the pizza & Coco Loso buffet he had prepared for his guests. Charged on liquor and disappointment we (the Block heads) decided to pay (DJ) Trauma a visit. ESPECIALLY being that he stressed how major the night was gonna be w/ guest artist Miguel performing his latest hit single "Sure Thing." I gotta say one thing man I LOVE MY TEAM! Not only are we collectively creative within the Block, but we also have the smarts to recorded EVERYTHING! Wait...that was two things. My bad I was always bad with math. Anyways I said all this to say, Not only did I film his performance (video posted below), Trauma had the wisdom to record his vocals as WELL! Here are both in all it's glory...LIVE!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.252)

Now before I get into details, I wanna stress how major your fashionable presence is on Friday nights! For a while now Brooklyn's been longing for a small intimate sexy spot to chillax before the full weekend kicked in. And I can surely say that "the Class Reunion" at Luke's is rapidly growing to be THAT spot! This past Friday I got to fulfill out TWO goals of mine. One was make blow the doors of this party and make this a staple event for grown ass mature folks, the other was to as film and make a video for a favorite classic song of mine that has no video. And with the help of FOUR b'days (Joann Joseph, Kila L., Mikael McCaw, & Jonathan Beck) this Friday past was the PERFECT night to pull it off! Some now without further ado, here's pics and the completed video of the nights festivities shot AND musically conducted by Frei & I (please be kind...I'm a sensitive artist). Oh and BTW you're more than welcome to join us ANY FRIDAY to celebrate a b'day, a grad party, a girls night out, dinner...WHATEVA!

"the Class Reunion" -Dinner & Dance party
Luke's Place -277 Cumberland St. (& Lafayette St.)
Music by the M Report, the Ahficionados
& special guest DJ's
Hosted by Chris Faust
and a collective of fashionable folks
Admission "FREE like Frei" all night
Food & drinks served till late.
Wanna celebrate a b'day w/ a dinner party?
contact us at w/amount of guest

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"