Friday, August 29, 2008

"Run DNC" -It's Hi(Story) In The Making!

"Don't just complain about something, work to CHANGE it. If you don't then you're part of the problem..." -the Minority Report

Mad that I missed Hilary and Bill's speeches, I made sure I was close to a TV to watch the historic acceptance speech for the Democratic nomination for President by Sen. Obama. It was both reflective and inspirational at the same time, and in different ways and reasons. 45 yrs. ago is NOT that long ago folks. Think if your only just 35, that was only TEN years before you. So to have my mother call me in tears, saying she would hope to see this happen in her life time has such a deeper personal
meaning for me now to vote. She'll be 62 next year, and the hose spraying and the assassinations, and the segregation is still fresh in her mind. Her grand parents and parents still had cotton under their nails. So you get my point on why she was moved. Remember HOPE is just that, until YOU make it real. VOTE!

"Who's Bad & Old?" -Happy B'day MJ!

Yes Michael Jackson AND John McCain share the SAME B'day! Weird right? Image the bash they would have if they did one together huh...Crazy!
When reporters asked Mikey if he was having one of his infamous young boy sleep-overs to celebrate, he threw up two fingers and said "Yes, one with my closest buds from the Boys Club, and the other will be with Young Jeezy, Yung Berg, Yung Joc, Young Guns, Young Buck and hopefully Young Hov!" Er...We was just joking Mike. See you at Soul Slam (the glove comes off!) on Sunday and Happy B'day!

Sunday August 31, 2008
KeiStar Productions Presents
SOUL SLAM (Part 12) The King Of Pop MJ vs. Prince & His Disciples
Music By: DJ Spinna
BLVD/Crash Mansion -199 Bowery (Btwn. Spring & Rivington)
Admission $20 (w) Advance Tickets Available:
Online at

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.81)

This is EXACTLY what I needed to unwind after a loooog weekend/week! Some good music from an ol' soul. Janelle (Monae) got on first and proved why she belongs on the bill w/today's hit makers. Every time I see her performance (which is now up to four times this year alone) she gets even better! However Raphael Saadiq, who still is pushing the envelope through music and his sound and is a proven vet seemed nervous when he first hit the stage. But when he started getting the reverse of usual NYC crowd response (which usually means texting or staring and not cheering) he started warming up getting into swagger mode. There's a reason he's outlasted alot of bigger selling artist not around today...He's just f#@kin' GOOD! Period dot. Lucy Pearl, Toni Tone' Tony, HIS hits..he ran through 'em all. Of course being that he has a new album coming out soon he intermixed the new stuff into his set...And judging from the sound of it, it "Feels Good." Keita (KeiStar) and Veronica W., B'day Girl Renae & Co. joined Ash and I up front to catch the show in HD. Which was all good till Monae splashed folks with warm bottled water and crowd surfed through shallow crowd "waters." Back stage before he got on I requested he perform a song the I could dedicate to the readers of the Minority Report that couldn't make it, so peep the video for what we came up with! Lol!

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 80)

Well, it's not too much to even talk about this one here. Other then the fact that we (meaning Adam West, DJ Brina Payne, the ladies of We Love Ya Like Cooked Food, plus myself) managed to get past the city block long line to get in with ease. And the food handed out was better (much better) than expected. This one wasn't as I hoped it to be. Adam pointed out that there was no "coolness" in the room, and maybe that was just it. Maybe if Stoli Blakberi and the Blackberry Luxe folks teamed up, then...just maybe then will we get to attend a "berry" dope "Black" party! *FYI Adam DOES take pics with white girls, so take that Sallomazing! LMAO!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Get Into the Party Life" -Big Thangs Poppin'

What a way to kick off the LONG weekend huh?
This Friday will be the start of a NEW holiday tradition for events. Combine a B'day (Renae of Crush Media) a Fashion Week preview (Butch Diva ) w/ models, AND good music plus food and drinks and you got "FREE LABOR" presented by Brooklyn connoisseurs the Minority Report (yep, that's me), Coup D'etat BK, and the Ahficionados inviting you out to party w/all our cool friends . Bring the in town cousins out to show'em you still know cool people. Lol

Friday Aug. 29th
"FREE LABOR" -A Pre-Labor Day extravaganza
Tamboril -527 Myrtle Ave. near Washington and Grand st.
ing Early 9pm-until
Fashion show 12pm sharp!
Free admission
all night w/rsvp (

Remember the BBQ/
Garden EVERY
was waiting but got pushed back to this week? Well it's Finally here now and what better weekend to have it on right. Somebody's wig is getting pushed back if this event gets pushed back again...I'm hungry man!

Saturday Aug 30th
"ADAM&EVE" -BBQ /Garden party
$5 bones or BYOB for admission
This is INVITE ONLY! So no gate OR plate crashin'

Love Ya Like Cooked Food will be dishing it up AGAIN for a Sunday event titled "Hello Brooklyn" over in Billyburg. Trust me if it wasn't them making the food I doubt you would be traveling to distant lands to go to a BBQ.

Sunday Aug. 31st

"HELLO BROOKLYN" -Labor Day Cook-Out
Hello Brooklyn -
18 Commerce St. (near Richards in Wburg)
till 5pm $5 after
Music by DJ Eleven & Brainchild

Now your second and LAST time to get in on all the fun EVERYONE else has been buzzing about around town. I know of folks from way out in Gary,Indiana and Minneapolis that travel for this one. It's just not MJackson and Prince. lol You BETTER had brought your tickets by now!

Sunday August 31, 2008
KeiStar Productions Presents
SOUL SLAM (Part 12) ~ The Ultimate Battle of Musical Marvels! The King Of Pop MJ & His Royal Clan
vs. Prince & His Disciples
Music By: DJ Spinna
BLVD/Crash Mansion -199 Bowery (Btwn. Spring & Rivington)
Admission $20 (w) Advance Tickets Available:
Online at

Darkness is upon us! Black August will be celebrated to raise awareness this year on this long weekend too, with a huge concert that will surely shut down 42nd street EARLY! One for the books.

Sunday Aug 31st
"BLACK AUGUST" -Live Concert
B.B. King -
w42nd St. near 8th Ave.
Music by Marley Marl, K-Salaam, DJ Scratch, Evil Dee, & OP!
Performing live EPMD, Immortal Technique, Bilal, Smif & Wessun, Joell Ortiz, Das Efx, Blitz, Rebel Diaz, Shadia Mansour

Then of course last but never least there's another GREAT choice...

Sunday, Aug 31st
-Video Mixing by Ralph McDaniels
Libation 137 Ludlow (btwn Stanton & Rivington St)
10pm -4am
Music by DJ Laylo & DJ Cosmo Baker (The Rub)
Free b4 12am / $10 after
$5 Cosmos for ladies b4 12am
Kitchen open until 12am
Fellas come with Ladies!
NO shorts or hood gear! Dress fly.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Gone till November..."-But Never Forgotten

I'm sad to announce that a highly respected figure in the Bed-Stuy community is leaving us to move on to bigger things to fulfill her destiny. Sallomazing! is making an exodus from the confines of BK, to spread her passion and wisdom to all those within earshot willing to hear her sincere words. It would be selfish of us to wish her to stay, but when a "tree" roots grows too big, you must replant it in fresh soil for it to continue to live. All I ask is that you reach out and wish her well on her journey and that when she does return, she brings back souvenirs of knowledge that we can all share. Tell her you miss her ALREADY via call or email (
And shame on you if you missed her going away dinner/party
(and no, it's NOT prison she's going away too).

"Art of the Concrete Jungle"- Street Art

"The biggest lies we hear are the ones we tell ourselves."
-the Minority Report

"How Many Licks?" -Ladies Night Out!

I'm not sure if you've been to a "LICK" affair before but if you haven't then you owe it to yourself to hit one up. Especially if you support women in the arts doing it BIG...
Tonight will be the second installment of this ongoing series all female showcase.
So call up the ladies and make a night of it and tell'em the M report sent you.

LICK 2.0
205 Club - 205 Chrystie St. near Rivington St.
10pm -4am
First 20 guests are FREE.
performances by RAY6 & Nikki Glaspie w/DJ Equal
Music by DJ Omi, and DJ Moni

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"