Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Flashing Lights"- Paparazzi Pics (Pt.37)

On a nice Tuesday, you should really consider taking a "Ride" down to Alphabet City. Why? Cause that's where "the Eclectic Ride" has (thankfully) resurfaced to save you from a hum-drum Summer. The spot is the renovated Opaline's (now Drom), a venue I held my very first "city" party at w/ Patty Laurent. Called "White Shirt Blue Jeans" (returning June 20th), which turned into a MONSTER as the years it grew (more on that later). Anyway, looks like the first night back was more so a "family" reunion than an intimate concert. Faces I hadn't seen (and some I didn't wanna see) in a while, came out to support the "reboot". Both DJs, Beverly Bond & Reborn had folks dancing in between (acts Bilal & Emily King's) performances. Bilal's set wasn't quite what one expected...But then THAT'S Bilal! Some rude ass "stopies" (stupid groupies) were yacking all through out the whole freakin' show man! I swore it was the same damn rusty ass chicks from his Highland Ballroom show. He should've stage dived on their asses yo! Besides that, It was a positive night. I had missed Chadon's jump-off (due to the Jay & Mary concert) but he showed up later to continue his celebrating w/ co-B'day boy Rasu (Coup D'etat BK). Tonight it's going down again, so come on take a "ride".
(*Honey Larochelle performance)

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