Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Broader than Broadway"-Peter Hadar Live On B'way Tonight!

Gather round kids, there's a NEW Peter that you should know about. Nope...it's not that pumpkin eating dude. And no, not "the Piper" either...But this Peter DOES have pipes. You can catch him tonight blowing the house down at the latest NYC R&B revue, that takes place at the Spotlight Live in Times Square. He'll be performing some crowd favorites and debuting some new joints, off of his upcoming release. Get real familiar with the name Peter Hadar, cause you'll be scrolling to his songs in you iPod in a hot minute. Trust me.
Peter Hadar Live
Spotlight Live
1604 Broadway (near 49th)
Doors Open @ 7pm
Admission: $20 (incls. 1 Drink Ticket)
Please RSVP at HadarMove@gmail.com to be on the list!
for press and media consideration please email press@hustlemode.com
Mention that you are on Peter Hadar's list at the door

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