Thursday, May 15, 2008

"The (What's Really) Real World"- BK Edition

Please tell me, did you heard that MTV's casting and filming their hit series show "the Real World" in Brooklyn folks!?! When hearing of this, my first thought was that skit that Dave Chappelle did mocking the show...Hill, Larry, Us! I'm hoping that it's in Bed-Stuy, Fort Greene, or Bushwick that the cast will be shacked up in. I'll pay good money to get (legal) cable for that one man (or at least wait till that season is released on DVD)! More than likely, It'll be staged in some Brooklyn Heights / Park Slope brownstone, like a racially mixed episode of the Huxtables or something like that. How Rudy!

Dear MTV,
Please just keep it "real" like that title suggests, and film all the corner store arguements, and the random bum fights, with the distant gunfire shot sounds still left in. You will regain my respect you lost, so many years ago. Thanks in advance.
-the Minority Report

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