Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Flashing Lights"-Paparazzi Pics (Pt.39)

Got an invite to an event both GQ (big fan) and Grand Marnier was hosting at the Volstead in Manhattan last Wed. Not sure what the event was for, but just hearing those two together, at a venue I've never been to (under their current name) and it was an open bar. Was a big enough draw for me. Say no more, I'm there! Dumb tired from a 7am (!) trip to A.C. w/ Momma Minority, I knew I had to attend this one, just due to the fact that I've been a GQ fan since my youth (not too long ago). Everything about the event from the turn out of folks, to the choice of venue, was on point. I even felt under dress (which is rare for me) once I observed the attire people in attendance were donning. Except for when I spotted that guy... What's-his-face? From what's-that-group that sings "Laffy Taffy" or something like that (who remembers). I did NOT feel so bad at all. Meet quite a few DOPE folks too (shout out to Paris P. & Toi) that made my decision to come out a smart one. However, someone forgot to give me the memo that I was homeboys' (with the glasses) personal photog (sheesh)! The brother WAS dressed sharply but, next time let 'em know that I charge hourly dude. LOL!

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