Friday, May 23, 2008

"Word to My Motherland"- DanceAfrica Festival at BAM

Unless you're just visiting this PLANET for the 1st time, you should already have either heard about, attended, or participated in the yearly festival down in Fort Greene in front of BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). Due to the expected nice weather and the fact that gas is WAY too high for folks to travel this year, you can count on it being more packed than ever! This year I will actually pledge to BUY sometime, instead of going to oogle the finest women Brooklyn...forget that, scratch that too.
The World
has to offer. Food, folks, festivities = FUN!
See you out there this weekend.
31st DanceAfrica Festival
in front of BAM 12pm-6pm
Sat. May 23th.-Mon. May 25th

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MAJE$TY said...

i just might have to check this out because this is the 2nd time I'm hearing about this event...
Most importantly is FREE

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