Thursday, May 8, 2008

"RaSu-preme Clientele" -Yes...Yet Another B'day Announcement

From the guy that told you to "Teach the Babies", now he's not the baby himself anymore. Time has managed to play catch up, and stalk him. But he's not mad at that, matter of fact he's embracing it maturely. So much that he's actually celebrating the fact of getting older. Pictured here, he's letting cats know that his three-figer WILL be leaving an imprint in yo' forehead if you're not in attendance tonight down in L.E.S. @ Libations. Can't you just hear "...And I better see yo ass there too, sucker!" coming out his mouth? You don't have to threaten me bro, I was coming to "support" (i.e. get drunk, flirt, and hop out a cab coming home) ANYWAY! And yes, I promise not to earl all over my (limited-edition, only 1 and a half in existence, autographed signed, hologram labeled) Coup d'Etat "BK Made Me" t-shirt.

RaSupreme Clientele
A B'day Celebration
Libation -137 Ludlow (near Rivington St.)
Rasu's BIG 3-0

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Anonymous said...

good looks on the shout bro!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"