Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.41)

I don't know man, but I've been feeling like shooting in Blk & Wht alot lately. Not only does it make some pictures seem timeless, it just seems a bit more...more, ummm I guess "classier" is the word I'm looking for. So when I got an invite to attend Ms. Veronica Williams B'day (all White) bash, it only seemed right to document it color-less. Truth be told, I was beat-down from Friday nights shenanigans, but was revitalized when I arrived and saw some familiar faces. Plus the music was so superfreshdope! that folks were actually dancing...at a party...in NYC! Unheard of, in a long time right? Ms. KeiStar Productions herself was there, and we quickly chatted and laughed about how we're gonna collectively shut two BK blocks down with the not-so-secretive-now "Rock the BlocK" event we're planning in August (9th to be exact, save the date)! And how the upcoming Wonder-Full party is gon' be a PROBLEM. Well Happy B'day again Ms.Williams! I danced with you, in hopes that you'll remember to invite me to your next 21st (wink) one. I'll invite you to mine.


Veronica said...

thank you so much for these beautiful pictures and these great words...and YES, this was an amazing party...The most Beautiful People in NY, where? in BROOKLYN Baby...And WOWOW those TUNES, these boys were killin it!!!
As you said TIMELESS will this party stay in my heart.
love you

you are always invited to every single party i do..can't wait for yours...besos mi amor

Sallomazing! said...

hey!!! With all the pics you took with me and Ash, not ONE makes the cut?!!!! And instead her and the chick she met that night does.... ooooh, you have some explaining to do mister!!! And to think, I searched for this particular blog! Humph! lol

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

Oh, hey there Sallomazing!,there's a PERFECTLY good explaination for that which is...I f**ked up! Thinking I mistakenly erased the picture in question (honestly, ask Ash) I never uploaded it. So long story short, my bad. I do still have it though. Yea!

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