Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"God Bless AmErykah"-Erykah and the Roots Crew Review

Wow! Did you get a chance to catch the "Vortex" that blew into Radio City! My late ass only caught the tail end of the Roots act, not realizing that the show started 8 sharp (!), which all shows should. But a 30 min. Roots set? Blasphemy! Kool G Rap stepped on stage and ripped his verse for "Men at Work", leaving the crowd thirsty. Then comes the "Wait" (i.e. a 45 min intermission) for Badu to do Badu. The show in a nutshell was part (drum) history lesson, part pilates class, part dance interpretation, and part stand-up, and all together...ummm weird. Sorta like a giant listening party in a way. Highlights were her sense of humor, plus songs "Solider" and "Other Side of the Game", and a marriage proposal..YES, some "random" couple got engaged on stage! My personal downsides to the show were, NO hype intro or outro, plus no "Honey" (?) or "Love of my Life"(?). I wasn't even sure the show had really ended. No lie. Till ushers started sweeping shit up (lol). Plus I never realized she had such a huge black gay male following, till I saw YOU there. Don't look around...Yeah I talking to you 'Tervon." Switching down the aisle w/ that glowing Hpnotiq stick in yo mouth. Damn shame! It was like a "coming out" party at one point lol! So many "flames", it had me looking for the "fire" exits... indeed. Hahahaha! My picture game sucked (NO homo) that night, so I hope you like pretty lights. Enjoy, and "stay woke!"

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