Friday, May 9, 2008

"Throw Them Bows"-Ahhh, Is It Summer Already?

I'm sure glad the weather is FINALLY warming up a bit, Seems like all the signs of spring are showing up around the city. Outdoor eateries, flea markets and stoop sales. Ice cream truck chimes, longer daylights hours, oh, and then there's the random street/ bum fights that are a sure bet to see. You can bet good money that as the temperature heats up, so do folks tempers.
On one fine Spring day while rushing home, I was tempted to grab a quick McNugget deal from the golden arches. From a distance, I noticed some hostile activity. But when you live in the Stuy, that's par for the course homey. I paid it no mind and went inside to order, followed by one of the combatants (some drunk Russian wankster and his bald comrade). They came back in to grab their order and left out to be greet by BLAMMO! An ice cold beverage across the face....still in the glass bottle! Dem's fight words where I come from, and I'm guessing in Russia too. So now it's round two for "the Drunken Russian" v.s. "Begging Billy". Although "Begging B." had the height advantage I'm guessing "the D.R." sobered up after that ice tea smack, cause he took "Billy" to the floor. What a scene folks! After "B.B" was helped up off the floor he had the nerve to ask for change!?! Change!?! You ain't Obama brother! Change yo LIFE!

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maje$ty said...

What did the five fingers say to the face?..... Slap!!!
This is crazy funny

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