Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Eddie Murphy, No More Ass "-Donkey Quits

In a statement released earlier today to the (Ass)ociated Press through his reps, the irresistible Dreamworks character Donkey, had it's to say about his now public dispute against
Eddie Murphy, fatherhood, and the possibility of him not appearing in the next installment of Shrek.

"Since it has come to my attention that Mr. Murphy's lifestyle
does NOT in any shape or form reflect that of my own, I no longer wish the actor to be cast to do my on-screen voice. Which is both unfortunate and sadly ironic. Because without his voice, I would
not be able to speak to you today, to tell you this."
Then continued...
"After having seen I Am Legend, Will Smith has become the
front runner we're courting to do my voice from here on. Also my Lady Dragon friend and I have gone separate ways, and I am now questioning the DNA of my children as being mine, due to the fact we had an open relationship before she had gotten pregnant.
The studio (Dreamworks) and I are in on going talks about a possible spin-off leading role for me. Pending Eddie is fired and Will is hired. I will be silent, till my demands are met! Thank you for your time. No love lost to Shrek and the rest."

All I could think of after news broke was "Shit! My nephew's gonna be crying for weeks when he hears this!"

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