Monday, May 5, 2008

"Stay Fly Lady Or Di Tryin' "-Fly L.D. at Gallery Bar

It's kinda hard to hard a post on someone you know, that's a inspiration to you without sounding like your making the person seem larger than life. But facts are facts, and it just is what it is when it somes to artist Fly Lady DI. She's done more in her young age of (oh...I forget that's not polite to do) than more have done all their life. Anyway google her, you'll see her stats, and she's adding to that by doing her OWN showing of her works this Wed. @ Gallery Bar.Come out and "discover" this "fresh" new talent, before you have to stand in a long line to pay to see her works in a museum.

Fly Lady Di presents

the Gallery Bar
-120 Orchard St.
May 7th 8pm-1am
Music by Dj Melo-X
$4.99 admission

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Fly Lady Di said...

Alanzo Dale you truly are the GREATEST... Thank you soooo much for this, it's AWESOME! -Di.

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"