Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"It's The Don Dada!" -Big B'day for Chandon TONIGHT!

Well DAMN! If it isn't Another persons B' day...again! I'm getting sick of givin' Hallmark & Verve Clicquot all my money yo! Good thing I got Rapid Refund, or I'd be broke like you (just joking...Not) lol. Well anyway, the gang will be gathering again to bring the roof down for ya man Chandon's birthday celebration. (FYI) take a close look at the credits for Missy's single "Ching Ching (Getting paid over here)" you'll see that he was her inspiration for the hook (line and sinker). And tonight he'll be taking Level V up a notch to level X. Are you partyin' too? Well come on down!

Level V -Hudson St. bwtn 13th & 14th
DJ Will
Food served
FREE admission

Happy B'day Rasu (CDTBK) and Erica (Addy&Ferro) as well too.

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