Friday, May 23, 2008

"Made In China"-KFC Means Kung Fu Chicken

About two months ago, I became the luck 97th caller in a local radio contest to win an all-expense paid trip to Beijing, China
to be present for the Grand Opening of China's very 1st KFC! Now I'm no fan of long distant travel, but I was "jazzed" up to taste their version of an iconic American fast food staple.
Opening day comes, ribbon's been cut, and I get my own bucket, biscuits and beverage to go to town on. One bite and...Huh?
It tasted just like the chicken from the dingy corner Chinese restaurant I order from! You mean to tell me, I flew FREAKIN' 18 hrs. for some ol' "Mr. Happy Happy" tasting ass chicken? Never again man...Never again!

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