Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Get Wild & Noose"-Bad Karma (Loop)

Ummm, can someone please explain this one to me...Slowly?
It seems like someone up at Disney decided that this would make an attractive pendent around someone neck. And Karmaloop.com thought it would be an even brighter idea to sell'em. Take notice that they were "wise" (sarcasticly speaking) not to have an African-American model for this shoot. Cause if so, you know Sharpton would have a gold FOOT on a chain, up the company's ass. Get caught wearing that in certain circles, you'll be wearing two hands around ya neck in place of the chain my friend. LOL! Well hopeful you're not as dumb as you look, to fall for this "fool's gold!" Even rappers are smart enough to know, not to get this make into a chain. Now shit got me thinking, what's next? A gold crack pipe and golden rocks around a charm bracelet? The price of Gold has just gone down. Disney/Karmaloop you just hung ya self!

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Jeffery said...

word up..they wildin the fuck out with this one!

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