Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Class Action"- the Class Reunion 3rd Period

"Frank White is here to excite..." -B.I.G.

Go head
iCal it, Blackberry schedule it, mark it on you "to-do" list, Thursday June 5th, will be the 3rd installment of "the Class Reunion", hosted by none other than Harriet's Alter Ego (yes!) and the sugar fix band Sweetie (damn right!). After the last one (w/ Game Rebellion & Coup D'etat BK) the streets have been buzzing about this upcoming one, being the biggest one so far, and they may be right. See I'm not one to spread rumors or hearsay but, we may have a 3rd special guest host rockin' with us.

(*Note picture for a clue)

She'll definitely be in town, so "Mighty Mike P." of YUME is pulling strings to get her in the building. So if you're an ol' girlfriend, classmate, booty call or whatever, don't start calling me now for any "hook-ups". Too late baby, time's up...kaboom!

"the Class Reunion"
Thurs. June 5st
(Every 1st Thurs.)
Frank White -936 Atlantic Ave.
btwn St. James & Washington
Music by FREE aka"Blackocaine of the Ahficonados"
hosted by the Minority Report, Yume, Nicole James,Harriet's Alter Ego, Sweetie, Kiser

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