Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"We (F' up) Major"- Kanye Loses On Grammy Night...Again

After years of publicly bitching at previous Grammy awards due to his disbelief of being bested by "lesser" artist. The night that he's finally honor with not one but FOUR awards, 'Ye's entourage mistakenly forgets his Grammys inside the limo! Wake up Mr. West indeed! Here pictured above is the exact moment his PR brings this to his attention. The two woman and guy beside him is kicking themselves, that they didn't announce it sooner than later. One even said "Oh, those we're the real thing?" "We just thought that they was for play play till the real ones got mailed." "Oops, my bad." The award committee stated, though sincerely sorry for his lost trophies, he'll just have to try again next year. G.O.O.D night Irene.

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