Monday, May 5, 2008

"Class Picture Day" -Photos from "the Class Reunion"

Straight detention, for anybody who dares miss another "Class Reunion"! This second time around was a hit right outta the park. And as the weather heats up so will the event. It wasn't even that warm and folks made use of the cozy back yard setting, chatting it up by the electric heater, and sparking their own flames (wink). It's ONLY once a month (every 1st Thurs.) folks so please start planning ahead. Save these dates, June 5th and especially July 3rd & Aug 7th. We're building a "bomb" to destroy the weak social scene and rebuild it. Faster, stronger, better. Lots of thanks to Frank White (the new home), Coup D'etat BK, Game Rebellion, our newest "class" mate Nicole James & sound selector Free, for their hand in another beautiful BK night. Peeps the "class photo" (M.I.A. B'day boy Kiser)

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