Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.33)

Where were you Friday night? If it wasn't at Kiser's "little shindig" for his B'day at Boucarou Lounge, then for shame man. Kiser came dipped out in Blk&Wht sporting a blinged out bow-tie, so I shot some "non-colored" flicks that came out looking like a straight Vodka ad. There was absolutely no elbow room on the dance floor what so ever, so what did I do? If you guessed, drink myself into a deep comatose slumper, and wake up just in time for Sunday brunch down at Frank White." Then your either a good guesser, or a selfish ass, for not waking me up to go home with my dignity intact. See you at the next one folks. Enjoy the pics.

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Peter said...

Fuck man I am an asshole for not being there Kise!!I have been soo busy with this album i am soo pissed and mad you are great supporter of the Peter Hadar movement.You guys looked like you had a great time with out me ,Taurus in the building Hadar's in the building! And Cop Kiser shit cause ITs DOPE!!! I WEAR it AND iAM DOPE!!LOL bLESSINGS HAPPY BELATED!!

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