Thursday, May 1, 2008

"Access Denied!" -Angela Davis Speaks, Spoiled Brat At Pratt

"I've been waiting all week for this, this is some BULL*HIT!" That my friend, was the common outcry from folks who showed you just 10 mins. late, just 10 mins., to hear the great Angela Davis speak (at the Pratt Universary Brooklyn Campus) and was denied entree. And word was (from our inside connect) that it was no where near packed! 250 empty seats, waiting for asses to claim them. As you will notice for the pics below, we (Mike of Yume & I) were among those crying out. Peep how Mike (orange fitted hat) is trying to use the Jedi mind tricks on "Dean Crabtree" to get us in to no avail. And check how the artsy looking Dean's Ass(istant) got the two big black security guards to control "their people". Man, I tell you, it's a travesty folks. Angela Davis folks....Thee Angela Davis, in my neck of the woods, and I can't even set eyeballs on her and breathe the same air! Oh well, I figured I take some pics to express how I was feeling, oh and to kill time to. Enjoy.

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