Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Eye Luv Bk"-Behind the Scenes of "Boutiquer Frequer"

Over the weekend I finally gotten the opportunity to work on an "Art meets Fashion meets Commerce"project I've had under wraps for a minute now, for a NEW section on the Minority Report focusing on boutiques and the skillful eye of photo phenom Kwesi Abbensetts (see A Tribe Called Kwesi in links). The first one will highlight the vintage store Not Just Vintage, in Bed-Stuy, which is a co-owner ship of two "sistas" Maya & LaMonica (no, not the singers). Our model of choice was Meredith Robinson, Pratt student and co-founder of And of course styling & make-up by Ananda Khan, Ashley "Ashy" Mui and myself ("the Wunder Twins" for the Stylistics Agency) assisting her along the way. My camera captured just some of the magic the crew conjured up.
Stay tuned for the full feature.

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