Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"King of the Castle" -Meaty Gossip

Due to both hamburger franchises taking a "whopper" of a beating with falling stocks, secret meetings have been held between the two fast food chains in hopes of forming a "Super Sized" restaurant conglomeration to fulfill all your (deep fried) needs. A rep for the two groups had this to say about the speculations being said.
"Ya see, the big Golden M has held the burger industry by the nuggets for far too long people!We mutually felt it was time to (milk) shake things up a bit." And thought, "Hey every (Burger) King NEEDS a (White) Castle so it made perfectly (salted) sense to us. Hit'em with the ol' one two combo (meal) and they'll be begging for (a side) order. It's as American as (two) apple pie(s for a dollar), my friend! Start adding extra holes to your belt, if both parties agree to the merger it will be a BIGGIE (fries)! The new slogan being tossed around is
"Crave it Your Way
(And ummm, by the way, when did the Burger King start rockin' a two finger ring and Nas's QB medallion?)

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