Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"On Another Note"- Ernie "E.G." Gaines

"The Meek shall inherit..." -Matthew 5:3-12

Question, are you a believer in fate?
See, I ask cause just recently I was invited to sit in on a private listening session for an artist that was unknown to me, by a good friend of mine "Sisi" (*see IHop posting from way way back). Home already resting up, from a non-stop schedule, I was thisclose to blowing it off (Sorry "Sisi", but that's real talk) But when she hit me on text like "Yo, where you at homie?" Something said, "Get ya ass up there pronto!" So in a quick 10-15 mins. I was in the City, buzzing the studio bell to come up. Greeted by like 12-15 other folks in the room, I had no idea the only person speaking, was the artist himself, Ernie Gaines, just based on his non-pretentious appearance. I had just missed the tracks been played, but requested a rewind. And in an instant, the room temperture went up. And I didn't care if folks caught me two-step to some of the tunes...It was just that F**KIN DOPE! "Sisi" bigged me up to his management, and I put on my best "How can I be down" look on my face. People NEED to hear this, like it was a new gospel or something. Long story short, start making room on your playlist for "Happy Ending", "Wildside", and my current fav "NO!" Hopefully, after some polished styling tips (care of me & the Stylistics), and a few new songs, he'll be more than ready to be "the Inspiration" he's striving to be. And to think, I almost "slept" on him. Fate man, I'm telling you.

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