Monday, May 19, 2008

"Radio Raheem? No It's Ralphie!" -Do The White Thing!

Leave it to White folks to try and claim EVERYTHING! A recently discovered archived photo has been the center of a brewing controversy. Giving some weight to the debated theory that whites were the first to start the "Boom box" trend, usually associated with urban Black & Latino kids from the '80's. Supporters of this theory cite this photo you see above, as hard evident that this is indeed fact, and should be recognized as such. "Why do people always assume all things cool are invented by the Blacks or Brown people? Well not this time buddy! This is proof that carrying radios (or Boom boxes as they're calling 'em) was stolen from us! Just like they steal whatever else that's not nailed down!" One supporter of this theory was quoted as saying. And to think lil' Ralphie here was probably just hard of hearing, and wanted a closer listen. Now he's a Hip Hop pioneer?

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