Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Hey Bay Bay!" PYT Summer Alert!

Yep, Summer's coming! Which means, lesser clothes, school's out, everybody's changing their relationship status on MySpace or Facebook to "single" :( lol. Now I'm not sure what's in the food lately, or what these kids these days are sipping on, but fellas, it's in your hands (no pun intended) to sniff out those young (grown ass) chicks longing to get her "Summer Sugah-Daddy" game on, by getting tricked on by you. So here's 10 helpful hints they will raise a few red flags, to keep you out the clink. Thank me later.

One) If her idea of a concert is a HOT 97 Summer Jam.

Two) She knows the release date of the latest Jordans...and doesn't work for Nike.

Three) You have a picture of her Mom next to you in your Yearbook.

Four) Jay-Z is considered ol' school Rap.

Five) You can get away with paying for one Adult & one Child tickets at the movies.

Six) Six Flags is where she vacations for Memorial Day weekend.

Seven) Very one of her ring tones is a Lil' Wayne or Beyonce' song

Eight) She's only free after 3 O'clock pm everyday..and weekends.

Nine) Her "roomates" really LIVE in her room.

Ten) And lastly, she argues with you about not being on your top ten friends list!

There ARE some other ones I can think of right now, but I'm in a rush. Taking a date to see Speed Racer. Won't want her mom mad I kept her out late. Lol

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