Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Bam! A Memorable Memorial Weekend"-DanceAfrica '08

Did you get a chance over the weekend to slide through to the annual Dance Africa Festival down at BAM? If not, then brother/sister you missed a HELLOVA celebration!
It is quickly becoming one of my favorite Summer rites of passage each year it comes round. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY was out, showing the power of Black love, pride, and history. I tried to capture as much of the essence of the festival as possible, as I said tried, but the pictures only scratching the surface. The smells, the sound, the buzzing chatter of conversation, you need to expericence first hand for yourself. Enjoy what I got.

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Kitty Hawk, Brooklyn New York City said...

love the bog. love your ascot. thursday is gonna be crazy


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