Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Shorty Wanna Ride W/Me"-the Eclectic Ride Reboots

I know ya'll remember how this party was a BEAST when it was going on right? Well tonight is the reboot, and what a reboot it will be! Bilal..yep that one, will be on call to perform and set the launch of their new home off the right way. And oh wait, DJ Beverly Bond is melting the wax in your ears tonight too! Guess where I'll be heading too after the concert? Yep to bed , in Brooklyn. Nah just joking, I'm going for a "Ride"! And I better be on Charles Anthony's list too lol.
the Eclectic Ride Relaunch
Drom-85 Avenue A (5th & 6th)
11pm-you call it
Bilal Live Show
DJ Beverly Bond & DJ Reborn
$20 Admission

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