Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Pardon Me...Slick Rick, You're On"-Guv Shows Rick Luv

First time we get an African-American Gov, and what is his first noble act in office for the black community? Yep you guessed it...

Free Slick Rick!

Ya damn right!
Just the other day, while you were in Cancun, waking up to some chick you met, THAT morning. Gov. Paterson was hard at work, making sure Hip-Hop honored "Ricky Dee" stayed put in the country that adopted him as it's own. Ending an deportation threat he carried with him for 11 yrs! And that ain't no "Children's Story"
At a news conference held to made the announcement public, the elated "Original School" rapper had this to say about his deterrents,
"La di da di, I like to party. I don't cause trouble, and I don't bother nobody... CRUMBS!"
Then dropped the mic and left the podium. Ironically though, he's scheduled to perform at deportation centers through out the U.S. Anyways, the Minority Report wishes him well, and says "Knock'em out the box Rick! Goodnight!"
Now, if only Paterson could pardon Remy Ma next, then all will be right with the world...Right?

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