Friday, May 9, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.36)

It's official...I'm not feeling Madison Square Garden man! The long lines, the outdated seating, the poor sound system...Shall I could go on? But as it now stands, Jay and Mary's "Heart of the City" tour was booked for that venue, so I had no choice. Yeah I could've went to Jersey but I don't consider that a choice (lol). Anyway, due to the long track history of crossover hits by both well respected artist , you can guess how diversed the crowd was. It still bugs me out to see other races, young and old, mouthing the words to songs you're familiar with. As the show's countdown meter began and the lights went down, the blunts came out and folks sparked up. It was so ironic to me that the very SAME red sweater (*see Ebully posting) that I complained about arriving to my house smelling of smoke, got a good weed steaming that night. But aside for that and the ocassional "Mary's my mother effing girllll!" the show went well...not great but not bad by any means. The only downfall of the night was when the 18 ft. screen projected Bush's face for 5 mins. Boo's at a Jay-Z show? Yeah that would do it. Then when he flash Obama's face, you would have swore the man himself walked out on stage. Overall I'm happy to see those two still making a difference in music and also live. Now I can't wait for the Badu and Roots joint TONIGHT! Sorry bout the crappy pics but, hey until Canon endorses me and I get a G9 or whatever, these will have to do pal.

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