Friday, May 2, 2008

"The Unusual Suspect" -Happy B'Day Kiser!

Wow a lot of parents were busy nine months (and some years) ago! Some many birthdays have come back to back...BIG ones at that too. This time we're all getting together to help Kiser celebrate his B'day tonight. Who's Kiser? If you haven't done your homework, Kiser's a good friend, dope collaborator, celeb graphic designer, paid hourly escort, and controversial political spiritual adviser to many folks for years (though most don't admit it). He's usually the coolest dude in the room, yet incognergo. It's only his entourage of fine women (on staff) around him that you would even raise an eyebrow in his direction. the first "African Ninja". After a long night of brewski's, the fellas and I nicknamed him "the Duke of Earl". You can pretty much guess why, matter of fact don't. Especially if you're eating. Anyways here's where we'll be causing a ruckus!

Tonight! May 2nd
"The Unusual Suspect" -HAPPY B'DAY Kiser!
Boucarou Lounge
64 E. 1st St. Between 1st and 2nd ave.
FREE all night ev

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kiez said...

dope! thanks Al

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