Friday, May 23, 2008

"Diggin' Gold "-Golden Ladies Returns

Golden ladies? More like Diamonds in the rough! The good-as-gold ones are back at it again this weekend, to make an impact in Brooklyn. Round two will be back at the same spot as round one, Solomon's Porch in Bed-Stuy. And if you attended that one, and know like I know then you best get there early! It was standing room only on the "Porch" so two will be even more packed. Oh, and don't worry about missing dinner cause Solomon's specializes in food, so lateness will not excusable. Nor will the reason, you didn't hear about it. Cause now you do know.

Solomon's Porch presents

the Golden Ladies
Sat. May 24th
Solomon's Porch- 307 Stuyvesant Ave. (near Halsey)
Feat. Sarah White , Fly Lady Di, Patriaia Ferrara,
Caitlin Meissmer
Admission $10

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