Saturday, May 17, 2008

"All We Wanna Do Is Party & Bulls**t!"- Some Sat. Fun

Now, I tend not to post on the weekend (it being my days off and all), but I wanted to pass on this info about two great events that will be transpiring later tonight. One is a private B'day celebration for Veronica Williams...And the dress code requires you to don your flyest white attire. Being held at a Brooklyn loft space, and DJayed by Stimulus, Scribe, OP! AND Statik? I'm thinkin' this might be the one? But ya GOTTA bring your own spirits, and ya GOTTA rsvp to!
Then there's...
"Chinatown Takeover"w/ XXXChange, DJ Wool, Micprobes, and the RetroKidz! Hosted by Bijules 66Sickgirls, Mean Red, Goodpeoples, and a ton of other folks. Taking place inside Dim Sum (yes, that one) of all places, from 11pm-4am. BO-nanas!
I'm betting this well be a sick joint too. It's looking like I'm in for another long night it seems.

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