Monday, March 3, 2008

"Run DMC(ee-lo)" -New Gnarls & Missy In 3D Video...the Other "M" TV

Two of the most innovative artists out (music and video wise) are putting in early bids for MTV Video Awards with their latest contributions to pop culture. Justin "JT" Timberlake makes a guest appearance as a "too cool for school" '80's dance show host in the Gnarls piece "Run". With will be the first single (which was yanked off of this blog in an earlier posting) off of their sophomore CD "the Odd Couple" (April 8th) Missy's groundbreaking first ever 3D video for her single "Ching-A- Ling" ("Step It Up 2" soundtrack) gets high marks for sheer innovation alone. Her talent is "fire from the stove" for real. Well that was my best Ralph McDaniel's impersonation, enjoy.

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