Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"Summer Daze"-Out Posting Up At Havana

What better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn, than to hit up a local flea market (Brooklyn Flea) then go get Mojito'd up over by Havana Outpost? Quickly becoming the BK version of "Cheers", HO2 (the other Havana O is in SoHo) was the "link up and let's polly" spot for Adam "Adam West", Kwesi, Sallomazing!, ( Swedish imports) Ariam & Hellen, Shimy and a handful of the crew from Team Raggamuffin's "pit crew". I'm HUGE people watcher, so this was perfect for me. Not too far from home, food you can order, drinks both non and alcoholic, women of great attraction, and it's all outdoors...Incredible (as London bloke Adam would say)! Anyways, I vibed w/ some really cool ass folks there, and got into a really funny "why guys/girls do this?" discussion. Sunday done.

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