Friday, June 6, 2008

"Class Picture Day" -Photos from "the Class Reunion"

Ummm, what happen to YOU last night? You know this is only ONCE every month right? Why even play yourself by not being in "Class?" It's not like you haven't any, is it? That's NOT the case right? I'm just asking cause, I wouldn't want people to start thinkin' you were jumping on the bandwagon, once the word spreads and NOW you can't get in (lol)! Well anyways, props too Harriet's whom out "classed" me by thinking up categories like "Class Awards" then gave candy to all the "good attendance students". Plus, check this shit out, there was even a photog there taking "class photos" w/ a chalk board in hand. DOPE! I bow both knees (pause, no homo) to you guys! Well done. Details are important. Half of Sweetie showed up (looking sugary), as well as uber producer Young Lord, and played some exclusive, never heard tracks and to rep for Ernie Gaines. Who was a no show along w/ an m.i.a. Janelle Monae. It was all good though, regardless folks came out strong even way pass the cut off time of 12am. Real quick story, before you look at the pics. I get a text from my boy, who was suppose to come out and polly about future projects and map some work out. Sayin' he's in for the night, to watch the game (!) Huh? Those dude got money already, you need to be on YOUR grind networking with the people willing to meet YOU. to make money brother! Silly...backwards hustling is what I call that there my friend. NOW you can look. (Fyi, Kiser must have moved to another "district school" he's worst-attendance-ever.)

Please remind yourself that Thurs. July 3rd (July 4th eve) will be "the Family Reunion" aka "the Class Prom" BBQ backyard style event at Frank White! Which will be longer hrs than normal. Date it NOW! Do not forget, or you'll be suspended from the Cool School.

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Sallomazing! said...

wooooooohooooooooooo! I loved it... beautiful vibe. Hope I graduated with high honors!

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