Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Tokens Of Affection" -Sex in the Gritty

Who's brilliant marketing idea was this?
I can just see the boardroom meeting for this one.
"We need a packaging that screams New York!
Something iconic that the common man can relate to.
How 'bout the Subway? Yes, yes, the train!" To that I say, "HUH?" The last thing that I wanna think about before "doing the do" is New York City Transit System! You don't know who's been in the seat you're in. It carries all types of infectious diseases. You have to pay to get on. And on top of that, it never comes when you want it to...Umm...Never mind it makes sense to me now. Forget it.


BODEGA said...

This is hilarious

Nasilele said...

that is too funny... and so true!

vash...thee lvvr said...

cause i heard the ny cats need the thick condoms
they seem to be a bit dangerous

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