Monday, June 9, 2008

"Just Spell My Name Right" -The Minority Wins Over The Majority

I get a call the other day, from a new found friend requesting that I set a day aside, to be interviewed for a expose' another friend of her is doing on bloggers in Brooklyn. I say "Okay" (I rarely turn stuff down...except you know...hard drugs and things of that nature) and agree to meet at Galapalos in Billyburg at the Dead Prez concert (NO! I have no pics of that btw). What she failed to tell me was that the journalist "doing me" or rather the interview, was gonna be freakin' cuter than a basket full of bunnies on Easter Sunday morn! As you see in the clip, I was like Snoop Dogg in his very 1st video. I never quite make eye contact with the camera (gotta get over that s**t QUICK btw). Me, in my sick mind, I wanted to make a WHOLE other type of video...Feel me? Lol! But being the professional that I am, I keep my composure and did my thing on the mic. Off camera, we were scolded for walking on and being backstage. But even the "just got laid off, just doing this part-time" bouncer, got all puppy-eyed when he saw her face. And was like "I don't really care, it's Massa Boss man that made me come say something to's you." Whatever right? Go bounce yo self. Anyways that's my story, and I'm sticking with it.

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Sallomazing! said...

BK, All Day baby! You looked cute!

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