Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Rock the Boat" -Whatever Floats Ya Boat...Shoes

Ahoy mates! I'm not sure if you've been looking down at peoples feet lately, but it would appear that either seafaring folks are now footing it (due to the economy) or land lovers have brought back the tread of rocking boat shoes (no socks, Preppy style). I personally dig'em, but I remember my 1st pair (which were Polo), used to give me aching "popcorn kernels" on my feet. Hey...may that's why they call'em boat shoes cause you'll need to put your feet under (warm Epson) salt water at the end of the day from wearing those bad boys. Lol. Now that I'm older, and I've been "gel-ing" it, I think I've overcome my sea sick fears of coppin' a new pair. If you see some round town for a good price size 9, hit me up and put me on. I'll even settle for a nice pair of "Skips" that would make Gillian proud.

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